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Indigenous Canadian Youth to Receive XO Laptops

Canada - The Belinda Stronach Foundation, BMO Bank of Montreal, nickel company Vale and the Government of Ontario are teaming up to provide 5,000 XO laptops to young indigenous Canadians, who do not necessarily have access to same educational resources as other Canadian children.

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Canada - The Belinda Stronach Foundation, BMO Bank of Montreal, nickel company Vale and the Government of Ontario are teaming up to provide 5,000 XO laptops to young Indigenous Canadians, who do not necessarily have access to same educational resources as other Canadian children.

The Belinda Stronach Foundation has chosen to focus on indigenous youth aged 6 to 12, because although they are the fastest growing segment of the population in the country, many do not have the resources to develop their skills. full potential.

“I strongly believe in the combination of the power of technology and education, and investing in our youth,” Belinda Stronach said at the project launch on September 29 in Ottawa. The Liberal MP also added that Aboriginal children "should have the same opportunities as other Canadian children." "

The XO computer, distributed by the One Laptop per Child Canada (OLPCC) group, is a robust computer, inexpensive (around 100$) and low power consumption. It is already distributed in around thirty countries, especially developing countries. Indigenous children will be able to use it from the start of the 2010-2011 school year.

The computer distributed to indigenous youth is equipped with eight educational programs specially adapted to their needs, both interactive and oral. These programs focus on literacy, fitness, economics, nutrition, sound science, water safety, and mental health and wellness. The XO also includes a virtual library and can be connected to a wireless internet network. Thirty other programs developed by OLPC are also available.

The specific programs were developed by Indigenous students, education specialists and programming experts from an addiction center and Safe Kids Canada.

These programs aim to make children want to learn. Thanks to the laptop, children can access it anywhere. The project also wants to give teachers the opportunity to innovate in their way of teaching. OLPCC wishes to support the teacher's work inside and outside his classroom.

“I am pleased to collaborate with One Laptop per Child on this important initiative. This pilot project will open up new opportunities and provide a new educational path for Aboriginal students, ”said Ontario Minister of Aboriginal Affairs Chris Bentley at the launch of the project.

The OLPC project was started in 2005 in Delaware, USA by faculty members from the Media Lab, a department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. The project is funded by major IT companies such as AMD, eBay, Google, News Corporation, Nortel and many others. The creators of the project aim to develop programs for specific populations, in this case indigenous children, who do not have access to the same resources as other Canadians, and their families.

The Belinda Stronach Foundation takes action in Canada and abroad to advance human potential through empowerment (empowerment) individuals and social change.

Internet links :

The Belinda Stronach Foundation: www.tbsf.ca

One Laptop per Child: http://laptop.org

One Laptop per Child Canada: www.OLPCCanada.com

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