Teens across the country are stressed, a national Kids Help Phone survey reveals

Bullying, relationships and body image, as well as school performance all contribute to their anxiety

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Bullying, relationships and body image, as well as school performance all contribute to their anxiety

MONTREAL, Sept. 15, 2015 / CNW / - New data on teens in Canada from landmark poll Voices of Youth - Concerns Report touching teens conducted by Kids Help Phone, show that 42 % of teens are stressed, a figure that climbs to 50 % among the oldest (18 years).

“For more than 25 years, Kids Help Phone has been helping young people through our telephone and online counseling services. We are well aware that their needs are constantly changing and we must adapt to them, ”said Sharon Wood, President and CEO, Kids Help Phone. “For the first time ever, we surveyed teens across the country to hear them speak out for themselves on the issues that matter to them. The results that emerge will help us to serve young people even better and to orient the public debate in connection with the search for help. "

As a charitable organization dedicated to young people, Kids Help Phone conducted this survey with two objectives: to develop and deepen the knowledge of Kids Help Phone on all adolescents and not just those who contact it. service; and share the resulting learning with adults, educators and other youth services to help them better meet the needs of young people.

Over 1,330 teens, aged 13 to 18, from across Canada were surveyed. In addition to anxiety related to school and grades, the main source of stress for young people (49 %), the results of this survey revealed notable trends:

  • Almost 30 % of teens are concerned about physical or emotional bullying. This problem is also a vicious circle since 50 % of those who are bullied will in turn intimidate others.
  • Body image issues affect girls more than boys. One-third of 18-year-old girls say they struggle with body image issues.
  • Being able to discuss their concerns is essential. Youth who reported having no one to turn to are 200 % more likely to experience violence in the home, to experience suicidal thoughts and emotional problems.
  • Peer support plays a major role for teens. No less than 55 % of them confide in their best friends when they are ready to talk about their problems.


Among the other findings of this survey, we note that young people in Quebec are far more affected by drug and addiction issues (26 %) than those in the rest of Canada (8 %). Relationships with friends (27 %) and family members (25 %) are also of concern across the country; the youngest being more affected by relationships between friends and the older by family relationships.

"A voice to young people confirmed what we already knew: There are many young people in Canada who need help, so it is important that they know where to go to get that help, ”says Ms. Wood. “No less than 20 % of young people surveyed are worried about having no one to confide in. When we know that there are 2.25 million adolescents in Canada, there are some 450,000 among them who need consultation services. Parents, educators and youth service providers can do their part by reaching out to their youth on a regular basis to let them know that they are not alone, that there is always help available for them. "

Methodology and access to the report

In May 2015, Kids Help Phone surveyed some 1,330 teens between the ages of 13 and 18 from across the country. Respondents were selected from online groups structured to obtain a sample that reflects all provinces, age, gender and language.

The full version of the report is available via kids help people

About Kids Help Phone

Kids Help Phone is the only national helpline serving young people in the country. Since 1989, the organization has offered them a lifeline through its confidential and anonymous service. Being in constant contact with young people, Kids Help Phone places their perspective and the improvement of their well-being in society at the very heart of its work. Kids Help Phone raises a significant portion of its income from individuals, foundations, businesses and community members.

Accredited Member, Imagine Canada Standards Program.
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SOURCE Kids Help Phone

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