The Ocean School: an innovative, interactive and immersive tool

The Ocean School, a new learning experience that transforms the way we learn about the ocean, interact with it and get involved in its preservation, will be launched on Thursday, October 4.

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The Ocean School is an innovative educational project for the general public which aims to increase our knowledge of the ocean through an inquiry-based learning method integrating the most recent technologies. This new learning experience, which transforms the way we learn about the ocean, interact with it and get involved in its preservation, will be launched on Thursday, October 4.

Immerse yourself in the heart of the Ocean School during the official public launch will take place on Facebook Live from 10:50 a.m. (ADT) Thursday, October 4 with students and the key figures of the project, on the account @ONFeducation.

In addition to explaining how teachers can develop lessons for their classes with the Ocean School, the launch of the program offers participants the opportunity to win various prizes, including three Oculus Go virtual reality headsets, a camera in 360 ° and the visit of the production team of the School of the Ocean, with which the students will have the opportunity to create exciting immersive content.

Inquiry-based learning and cutting-edge educational technologies

Inquiry-based learning places students at the center of their learning by encouraging them to ask questions, formulate hypotheses and make observations. L'École de l'Océan invites students and older children to develop their critical thinking by investigating current issues, identifying problems and finding creative solutions. The concept behind this approach is that educators and students share responsibility for learning.

In addition, the Ocean School combines cutting-edge educational technologies and powerful storytelling techniques to immerse young people in the universe and culture of the ocean, using breathtaking videos, of the virtual reality (VR) and augmented (AR), live broadcasting, 360 ° experiences, of interactive games and others media. 

Immersive experiences for the leaders of tomorrow

Offered free online in French and English, The School of the Ocean is an educational platform set up by the National Film Board of Canada, Dalhousie University, the Ocean Frontier Institute and Ingenium with support from Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

The objective of this platform is to help us better understand our impact on the ocean but also the impact it has on us. It aims to encourage the next generation of ocean protectors by providing students with the knowledge and tools necessary to research and design innovative solutions to the growing challenges facing the oceans and the planet. 

With the Ocean School, your students will be able to:

  • Virtually board scientific expeditions in Canada and around the world in the company of world-renowned experts;
  • Explore the incredible wealth of marine ecosystems and the dangers that threaten them
  • Meet inspiring leaders to learn about marine sciences and better understand the cultural, social, environmental and economic dimensions that link us to the oceans
  • Pilot the ROPOS, an underwater robot, and explore the habitats of the St. Lawrence;
  • Let yourself be immersed in the middle of a cod trap, a sustainable fishing technique
  • Dissecting a fish in augmented reality
  • Learn the history of cod through the eyes of an Indigenous artist

The Ocean School is the first part of the ONF's renewed educational offer. The Media School and Indigenous Voices and Reconciliation will be added in 2019.

For further

Follow the news of the Ocean School on their blog where you will find news of expeditions and discoveries, travel diaries, interviews and more.

Find high-resolution images, clips and trailers in the media section of the School of the Ocean.

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