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Leadership, a solution to the teaching challenges of tomorrow

How can leadership help meet the challenges of the current school year? Roberto Gauvin, with 32 years of experience in education, suggests interesting avenues to answer this question. We wanted to share them with you!

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The editorial staff have chosen to present to you today, with their agreement, excerpts from a text by Roberto Gauvin, in which he takes stock of his years of leadership. At a time when teachers and students are going through an extraordinary situation, it is important to remember that valuing leadership in education can provide unexpected solutions. 

Teaching is not an easy job and you quickly learn that between theory and practice, the margin can sometimes be large. My work in education has been to seek innovative best practices to help teachers and young people find meaning in their academic life, but also in their personal life. The major challenge for education over the next few years will, in my opinion, be to agree on what quality education is, to recognize what is important to learn and to find the best ways to get there. .

In some organizations, you often hear people say they trust as long as people don't make mistakes. To err is human, right? If we want people to take risks, we have to accept that they make mistakes from time to time… This is the secret of innovation: not trying to control people, let them do their job and give them the resources to make it happen. It takes longer, but commitment then becomes the most powerful lever to follow this route. Teachers are also learners and they can do better insight when they work in a safe and judgment-free environment. 

Ultimately, a good leader must be able to let their team go forward to do their job while being close and available to help when needed.

To read Roberto's full text, visit his blog.

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