Top 5 digital educational resources to bring your classroom to life!

When technology and pedagogy team up, the results are great! The De Marque team - an international leader in digital books and education - collaborates with the best publishers of digital educational resources. Here is a selection of their favorites! // Sponsored feature

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When technology and pedagogy team up, the results are great! The De Marque team - an international leader in digital books and education - collaborates with the best publishers of digital educational resources. Here is a selection of our favorites! 

1. The Curious

To understand the world and the events that occur in it, one must be able to refer to reliable sources. But what sources are suitable for the reading level of 8-12 year olds? 

The Curious is a digital newspaper for 8-12 year olds that aims to develop children's openness, culture and critical judgment through information and media literacy.

News of the week is sent every Wednesday to subscribers. In addition, a detailed thematic dossier, presented in the form of infographics, is published once a month. Pedagogical activities are also proposed to teachers to animate the class from the journalistic content of Le Curieux. 

2. eduMedia

Effective science teaching requires rigor, but also a good dose of creativity! 

eduMedia offers a bank of validated educational resources for science learning, as well as a toolbox for creating your own educational videos.

Access more than 800 animations that enrich science education from elementary to college level, by making the most abstract concepts more concrete and by making links with current topics. eduMedia allows you to approach life sciences, the environment, physics, astronomy, technology, chemistry and mathematics in a visual way. 

As a teacher, you are invited to customize the vignettes and activities using video capture (voice + image) and annotation.

3. Edutechno

Learning French and math: it's always more effective if you have fun!  

Edutechno provides interactive learning activities and exercises optimized for computers, tablets and digital boards. Students love the fun and games-like nature of the activities... and they want more!  

For their part, teachers benefit from a dashboard that is used to assign activities to individual students and then allows them to monitor the progress of learning. 

4. The Virtual Human Body 

There's no way around it: anatomical charts are at the heart of learning human anatomy. Add the interactive capabilities of a digital application and you have the best teaching tool ever! 

The Virtual Human BodyThis is more than 1,000 named and defined anatomical structures. Each structure is associated with a terminology that conforms to Quebec usage and is related to the other structures. The user can manipulate the visual elements by selecting the angle of view, depth, framing and magnification level. It is even possible to superimpose two systems to better understand the human body. 

5. The Robert

Add to your digital toolbox THE great French language reference! 

The range of Le Robert dictionaries includes Le Petit Robert, Le Grand Robert de la langue française, Le Robert illustré, Le Robert junior, Le Grand Robert & Collins and Le Robert correcteur. 

Students can confidently refer to the reliable and continually updated sources of information in Le Robert tools for their schoolwork. Carefully crafted definitions, accompanied by numerous examples in context, audio pronunciation, images, synonyms organized by meaning, and more: Le Robert resources are part of the daily lives of thousands of students around the world.

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A Quebec pioneer in book technologies and digital educational resources on an international scale, De Marque is the designer of the most advanced digital platforms in the field of books and education, such as Biblus, the digital lending portal for school libraries. The De Marque Education team works closely with developers of digital educational resources to ensure their dissemination in the school environment. De Marque is proud to promote the best applications to support classroom animation and ultimately, the educational success of students.

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