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Start or stimulate ideas to benefit from your digital tools!

Being based in Quebec, our team specializes in links with the training program of the Quebec school. However, pedagogy, the teaching profession and digital competence are based on concepts that transcend borders, and this is what we are banking on!

We are also proud to be recognized as the premier Apple Professional Learning Provider (APLP) francophone du Canada! Our team can support you in the appropriation, development and educational innovation in connection with iPad tablets, for example, in an approach aimed at developing creativity in students, promoting programming learning and supporting development. professional teachers. 

Let's start with your needs!

The very first step is to fill in this form to specify your needs and establish the cost of the training. You can tell us the theme (s) you want to explore and the number of participants targeted. Send it duly signed to to start the organization!

Examples of themes offered

We build with you!
  • Microsoft 365 environment:
    Teams, Sway, Forms, OneNote, etc.
    Create a learning path with the notepad (Teams)
  • Google Classroom, Slides, Site, Forms, Jamboard, Documents, Meet ...
  • iPad (initiation, creativity, coding, productivity, etc.)

    Workshops oriented by educational intentions
  • Reverse class
  • Native iPad apps
  • Classroom studio (podcast, video and blog)
  • Flipgrid, EDpuzzle, LearningApps, Wooclap, Genially, CoSpaces EDU
  • Presentation tools
  • Quiz tools
  • Digital assessment
  • Robotics / programming, including Swift Playgrounds, Scratch
  • Etc. 🙂

You can also call on our team to faciliitate a day that you are already organizing, a round table or other. Contact us without delay to discuss your needs: