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CréaCamp: continuing education in action!

Sparks for professional development in education!

CréaCamp trainingsMD are activities of training activities for education personnel by École branchée. They allow the development of professional expertise in discovering or in deepening creative subjects and innovative pedagogical approaches in the company of colleagues from all over, in order to reinvest quickly and of develop its network. In presence or at a distance!

3 formulas for different realities, live

Click on the formula of your choice for details!
  • 1 hour
  • Online
  • Overview of a teaching tool or approach, discussions and questions and answers
  • Open to all education stakeholders
  • No max. of attendees.
  • When: At the end of the day or in the evening
  • Cost: 25 $ / session or registration for the whole year

Quick registration:

  • 6 hours
  • In the presence
  • 1 theme to explore further among those on the program
  • Location: In a host school
  • Open to all education stakeholders
  • Duration: full day (6 h), on fixed dates
  • Cost: 150 $, including dinner, snacks and cocktail

Program and registration :

  • Duration: 1, 3, or 6 h
  • In presence or virtual
  • Reserved for your school team
  • Theme of your choice
  • Duration: according to your needs
  • Ratio of participants / facilitator
  • Package according to options
  • Take time;
    Time is precious, you can never have too much: the CréaCamp is a dedicated downtime.
  • Give yourself the right to make mistakes;
    It is a safe environment, accompanied, where we allow ourselves to make mistakes and start over.
  • Develop your tolerance for ambiguity.
    An opportunity to develop the ability to feel comfortable in the uncomfortable, knowing that it is never possible to master everything.

Continuing education certificate

Following a CréaCamp in regular format, all participants or facilitators can obtain a digital badge showing their commitment to continuing education.
In collaboration with the CADRE21

Budget measures (Quebec)

École branchée is a partner of the Digital Action Plan in Education and Higher Education. Registration for CréaCamp is eligible for these budget measures for the continuing education of teaching staff: 15084 and sometimes) 15085 (programming). Private network: measurement 30150. Other envelopes can also be used for in-class digital creation activities with students!

I liked that we were hired, put into action. A dynamic meeting, even on Zoom, wow!

Marie-Josée, Three Rivers

Orthopedagogue, following the CréaCamp of October 23, 2020

I will no longer be afraid to teach from a distance!

Dorine, Gatineau

Teacher, following the CréaCamp of September 25, 2020

I have to support art teachers who teach at a distance and I was really equipped!

Frédéric, Laval

Educational advisor, following the CréaCamp of October 23, 2020

I was nourished by the quality of the exchanges. The networking has been great. Our facilitator had a lot of experience and allowed us to deepen our thoughts.

Melissa, Magog

Manager, following the managers' CréaCamp, February 25, 2020

Listening and dreaming of being able to integrate this in the classroom is one thing, but practicing it with colleagues and under the supervision of experienced people is even better!

Marie-Ève, Rimouski

Teacher, following CréaCamp Trois-Pistoles, December 6, 2019

Let's become partners!

Organizations and companies: take advantage of the opportunity to meet committed players in the school environment and to create special links. Contact us to find out more! info@ecolebranchee.com