The CréaCamp Discovery: a growing community of practice

Laurie tells us about the community of practice that was created last fall under the theme of professional development.

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Professional development was a hot topic in education in 2020 and it will probably (we hope!) Be so for many years to come. This pandemic has brought out essential needs: to socialize and grow. The Community of Practice (CoP) was created to meet these needs with the CréaCamp Discovery formula.

What is the CréaCamp Discovery?

It is a one-hour training course, offered by an expert facilitator, on an application, a strategy, a posture, etc. The goal, as the name says, is to introduce something new to the person who signs up. A varied offer every week on all kinds of topics.

Why the CoP?

After the first editions of fall 2020, we quickly found that most teachers were returning in other editions. The general atmosphere was relaxed, light. This is where the idea of a community of practice was born: access to ALL training, live or replay. Bring together the players in the education network who want to make their professional development an integral part of their practice. And thus create a beautiful family which follows in its evolution. The world of education is beautiful, isn't it?

What do I have to gain from it?

First, quality support offered by passionate people. Second, have the power of your development in hand, since you choose the workshops among our programming, and / or the content to watch. Third, develop a network with people as involved and interested as you are of the community of practice (CoP). With these three elements, all the ingredients necessary to achieve more motivating goals, more interactive with the students, even the craziest, come together.

Join the CoP just here!

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About the Author

Laurie Couture
Laurie Couture
A high school French teacher and contributor to various blogs, Laurie Couture is passionate about writing and for the innovative aspect of education: how can you change your ways of doing things to improve your method? She loves to discover, discuss and develop about convincing practices related to technologies. Using digital technology, she aspires to set up projects and documents responding to current trends and proposing new approaches.

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