Choosing post-secondary education in the digital age

By March, Secondary V students will have to make an important choice in their lives: that of their post-secondary orientation. CEGEP? Professional studies? In what? Or? Here are some online resources to offer them to help them in this great time!

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By March, students in 5e secondary school will have to make an important choice in their life: that of their post-secondary orientation. CEGEP? Professional studies? In what? Or? Here are some online resources to offer them to help them in this great time!

Marking the end of an important period of life and opening a new one, the 5e high school is a symbolic year for many. "What are you doing next year?" Where are you going? What are you going into? ". Starting in December, it is not uncommon to hear students discussing these questions about their educational and professional plans. Will they go to CEGEP? If so, will they opt for a pre-university study program or a technical study program? Will they be tempted by a vocational studies diploma (DEP)?

When the time comes to choose a post-secondary study program, many questions come to mind for graduates. What will I learn? Do I have the necessary prerequisites? Where are the programs that interest me offered? Do I have the job profile? What salary can I expect? Are there any outlets? In order to make an informed choice, it is essential that young people be able to obtain as much information as possible about post-secondary education programs.

Several websites allow quick and easy access to the information essential to make an informed choice.

The sites of the various regional admission services (the SRAM, the SRACQ and the SARSL) present information about all the programs offered by public colleges (general descriptions, prerequisites required, institution offering the programs, etc.). They also provide useful information on how to apply for admission, whether by mail or over the Internet.

TheInformation highway for vocational and technical training gathers all information relating to vocational study programs (DEP) and technical study programs. The various search engines allow several possibilities, in particular to search for all the professional or technical programs dispensed in a given region or in a specific field of study.

It is also possible to suggest that students consult the site Labor market information (IMT) of Emploi-Québec. The latter provides detailed information about an occupation, such as a job description, skills and attitudes required for practice, and even average wages and job prospects.

In addition, new this year, from January 28 to March 28, it will be possible to visit the Virtual student lounge. It is a free digital event that will allow young people to find educational institutions and career promotion organizations throughout Quebec without traveling, to ask questions of people in the field, and to take affinity tests with establishments, etc.

In short, information on post-secondary education programs has definitely entered the digital age!

And you, what sources of information do you favor to help your students make their choice? Share them using the comments form below!

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Dominic Leblanc
Dominic leblanc
A graduate in sociology, Dominic Leblanc is an educational advisor in the Programs and Educational Development Department of the Cégep régional de Lanaudière in L'Assomption.

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