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The Lab-School to create inspiring schools

Guylaine Plourde, grade 6 teacher at the Chemin-du-Roy school board, tells us about her participation in the work of the LAB-School on the project of the municipality of Maskinongé, in the Mauricie region.

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Guylaine Plourde, 6th grade teacher at the Chemin-du-Roy school board, tells us about her participation in the work of the LAB-School on the project of the municipality of Maskinongé, in Mauricie.

Text by Alexane St-Amant Ringuette

We met Guylaine during the 37th AQUOPS conference, in April 2019. 

Since the start of the 2018-2019 school year, Guylaine has had the chance to participate in meetings and in the LAB-School think tank that will be set up in her school board, a project that she describes as fascinating.

In this interview, she recalls that schools are aging buildings, built in the 1950s, and that teachers do the best they can to provide beautiful things for their students despite the small premises and the few physical possibilities. . The LAB-School project will provide young people, staff and the community with an architecture that provides greater light, spaces conducive to the development of motor skills and offering dynamic learning areas.

It is with the help of numerous collaborators spread across Quebec that seven major projects of LAB-School now come to life. They will take shape in the following cities: Gatineau, Maskinongé, Montreal, Quebec, Rimouski, Shefford and Saguenay. Rethinking the school of tomorrow will be based on three important axes: the physical environment, a healthy and active lifestyle and the development of healthy eating. And all this with a single goal: to promote the development of young people in pleasant living environments. 

“Every change brings something stressful, but also something that we need and that we will be so proud of! "


To be an actor in this wind of change in education, Guylaine Plourde invites you to follow LAB-School projects.

Now listen to the interview with her about this project that fascinates her! In addition, being a teacher who has worked with ICT for more than ten years, she raises a point that should be at the heart of the questions of today's school: the importance of the digital traces that we leave and of our digital identity. Its concerns in this regard are mainly directed towards the new generation.

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