Web radio: a trendy way to work on oral in high school

A real audience and the use of ICT to perfect their oral skills, you had to think about it! Back to the presentation of the teacher Sébastien Verbert at the last Summit of iPad and digital in education.

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A real audience and luse of ICT to perfect your oral skills, you had to think about it ! Back to the prpresentation of the'teacher Sebastien Verbert at the last Summit of the'ipad and numbereric in education.

If there is one aspect where digital technologies can contribute to concretely and effectively improve student performance, it is oral. As for the athlete, the speaker benefits from keeping audio and video traces of his performances in order to be able to listen to himself or to look at himself in order to analyze his performance, alone or in a small group, and to determine the points to be improved. Unfortunately, the tasks imposed in this direction by teachers often have little impact on the development of this competence. Thus, for lack of time or resources, there are few real opportunities provided to students to be heard and judged by a true public. Yet isn't this a winning recipe for boosting motivation?

Sébastien Verbert, teacher at Collège La Malassise, in Longuenesse, France, came to share his Web radio experience during the 3rd edition of the IPad and digital education summit, which was held on April 30 and May 1 in Montreal. Next to Julie gauvin, director of educational innovation at Collège Saint-Paul in Varennes, and Jacques CoolA renowned New Brunswick technopedagogue and blogger, he brought us a compelling Web radio experience live.

In real life, his innovative and daring project now attracts nearly 7,000 listeners in France who follow the words of motivated and engaged students, broadcast live on the Web, two to three times a week. The subjects are varied and affect young people.


Technologies usedees

To set up Web radio, it was necessary to acquire some digital tools, including a case containing a console and microphones. For the rest, the school was already using the iPad, which made it easier for Mr. Verbert. It uses efficient and inexpensive applications, such as Auria for mixing, recordings and post-production, and Soundcloud (free on the web) for distribution.

You can listen to some shows at the following address: https://soundcloud.com/svt-expliquer and ask questions of the project initiator on Twitter at @verbert_seb.

Do you know any Quebec or Franco-Canadian schools that use Web radio? If so, share their experience with us by leaving a comment at the bottom of this article!

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Marie-Claude Gauthier
Marie-Claude Gauthier has been a high school French mother tongue teacher for 15 years. She currently teaches at Collège Jean-Eudes in Montreal. A woman in the field, she favors the constructivist approach and is interested in ICT by experimenting and observing carefully how the use of digital resources can facilitate the development of the language skills of learners.

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