Passion for ICT, from Quebec to Mexico (part six)

(Part six) Over the months, Infobourg tells you about the extraordinary adventure of two retirees from education who generously offer their time to share their ICT knowledge with the 15 school in Mayo, Mexico, within the framework of of an OLPC project.

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(Part six) Over the months, Infobourg tells you about the extraordinary adventure of two retirees from education who generously offer their time to share their ICT knowledge with the 15 school in Mayo, Mexico, within the framework of of an OLPC project.

On the occasion of their annual vacation in Mexico, Louise Le Bourdais and Guy Bergeron, education retirees and partners in life as well as in their passions, have in mind to bring an ICT project to life for young people from the school of Lo De Marcos thanks to the OLPC Foundation. Here is the sixth article in the series!

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Ah Christmas holidays! Perfect time to rest, let go, momentarily forget the OLPC project with the 15 de Mayo team and take time just for them! Well, theoretically, that was what was planned for Louise and Guy, but in reality, not as easy to do as it is said!

Guy spent the week between Christmas and New Years trying to find a solution to a problem that arose with the accented characters in the word processor on the XOs, which use the Sugar environment. “Everything works fine when you type them into the word processing software. However, when saving the document and opening it again, some accents are replaced by an unrecognizable character. "

“The behavior is still weird. When you delete a character on a line, the accents are displayed correctly. I do not agree to show how to use the word processor without proper use of accented characters. The solution must therefore be found. "On the side of the OLPC Foundation, Kaçandre, their project agent, writes to them that this is the first time he has heard of this problem, the problem is therefore submitted to SugarLab, the team that created the environment. of work. In the meantime, Kaçandre finds a solution that might work, even if it leads to other bugs, by installing another version (v. 60) of the tool. Write. Louise and Guy, however, decide to continue with their current version (v. 72), without however using the problematic accents.

At the beginning of January, resumption of work for the preparation of a next training. On the menu, we plan to open a Hotmail email account for teachers, create a new game, write a text for Valentine's Day, and save it on a USB key. Guy teases his wife Louise: “Rest assured, the training sheets will be precise and clear, because Louise checks each of the steps while ensuring the correct logic. When it goes over a card, there are a lot of corrections to make! And Louise explains: "It's very important for us to give teachers a set of tools that they can use with their students in the classroom. "

On January 9, they are invited to celebrate Kings Day at school. Cake and chocolate milk are in the spotlight!

The next day, the young pupil Alfonso comes to meet Louise and Guy in order to test the sheet on the creation of an email account on Hotmail. As the Internet link is breaking down today, it will have to go through it again to finish.

January 11 is the fourth training session for teachers. This time only three of them show up. It was therefore easier to take the time to help them individually. At the end of this training, they took the opportunity to summarize everything that has been seen since the beginning:
1- Open the XO - Turn off the XO
2- Identify all the activities
3- Open the word processing activity (Write)
4- Record an activity
5- Open an activity already registered
6- Go on the Internet, enter Wikipedia in Spanish and do some research

“The participants relished the research step in the encyclopedia. They were impressed with the richness of the content. "

To read next week: people from Quebec participate and send USB keys for teachers at 15 de Mayo school.

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