The fight against homophobia at school

As part of the International Day Against Homophobia, last week, a secondary school was awarded and a new educational tool was launched.

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As part of the International Day Against Homophobia, last week, a secondary school was awarded and a new educational tool was launched.

First of all, the Jasmin Roy Foundation presented a prize for the fight against homophobia and a grant of 2,500 $ to Le Carrefour high school in Gatineau. The establishment has put in place several measures to fight against bullying and in particular against homophobic bullying. A committee for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people was notably founded by two students, Maude Chartrand-Paquette and Vicky Lauzon. The school has also established an intervention protocol to offer support to victims of bullying, but also to their attackers. "It is important for us to highlight school initiatives that make schools healthy and safe for all students," said Jasmin Roy, president of the foundation.

In addition, the Canadian Teachers' Federation has launched an educational tool called Support for transgender and transsexual students in K-12 schoolse year. For the organization, this is the fifth publication in an educational series aimed at raising the awareness of school stakeholders on issues affecting sexual and gender minorities. “The guide aims to increase the knowledge, understanding and sensitivity of professionals to issues related to gender variance, offers practical strategies for creating more inclusive classrooms, plans to promote school transitions and ways to support parents and guardians of children in transition, ”said Paul Taillefer, president of the federation.

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