GRICS is nominated for the OCTAS competition

Press release - GRICS announces that it is one of the finalists of the IT recognition competition - OCTAS, in the Digital Solution - SME category, for the project "The artificial intelligence of Mozaïk-Portail serving the educational success of all pupils ”.

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Communicated - GRICS announces that it is one of the finalists of the recognition competition in IT - OCTAS, in the Digital Solution - SME category, for the project "The artificial intelligence of Mozaïk-Portal serving the educational success of all students".

The OCTAS competition
Each year the contest des OCTAS rewards the best projects of the year in information technology and digital technology. All organizations that have worked on an innovative initiative in these areas can submit a project for recognition. The OCTAS team then assesses its potential reach, its impact on its target, the actual benefits achieved and the scale of achievement relative to the size of its organization.

Mozaïk-Portal and artificial intelligence
The project presented by GRICS highlights the contribution of artificial intelligence as a major innovation in Mozaïk-Portal, among other things by adding its Active Standby module. Artificial intelligence is thus used for the benefit of academic success by making it possible to identify students requiring more attention and to intervene more quickly to offer them the necessary support.

Active watch
Mozaïk-Portail is a constantly evolving tool to which new features are added regularly. The artificial intelligence of Mozaïk-Portail will revolutionize the school environment, and Active Watch is the first step in this direction.

This module, offered in partnership with the firmOptania since 2017, has enabled GRICS to accelerate the implementation of artificial intelligence in Mozaïk-Portail. Active Watch allows teachers and administrators to more easily identify their students' difficulties, to intervene quickly and thus to fight against dropping out by analyzing school profiles in real time, in a fully automated fashion.

People's Choice Award
In addition to its presence among the finalists in the SME digital solution category, GRICS is also in the running to win the People's Choice Award of OCTAS. The public votes for the winner of this award.

A non-profit organization, GRICS has been working for a little over 35 years with all school service centers and school boards in Quebec as well as with several private schools to develop and support a wide range of software solutions related to administrative, school and pedagogical management.

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