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The second most important soccer tournament in the world, the Euro, the UEFA championship, is taking place this year in France from June 10 to July 10. In all, 24 countries are fighting a fierce battle to be crowned European champions.

Until July 10, the 24 countries qualified to participate in the Euro will be fighting a hot fight to be the next European champions. A tournament that lasts a month, but the preparation of which began the day after the 2014 World Cup.

“From this edition, the number of participants goes from 16 to 24 teams. Many new teams have obtained their first qualification for a Euro whether or not taking advantage of this enlargement. Euro 2016 marks the first participation of Iceland and Albania in an international competition. It also marks the first Euro participation of Slovakia, Wales and Northern Ireland. Ukraine and Austria earned their qualification for the first time on the pitch, with both teams having already competed in previous editions by qualifying directly as host countries. Belgium is back in this competition after sixteen years of absence and Hungary has ended a 44-year absence in the European Championship and 30 years from all international competitions. "

Source: Wikipedia

At the end of these activities, students will be able to understand how the European Football Championship works.


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:

- Understand how the European Football Championship works;
- Understand the process leading to a team's participation in the European Football Championship;
- Understand the importance of safety devices in and outside stadiums during competition;

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: The 2016 European Football Championship

24 teams managed to qualify for EURO 2016. How did they manage to get there? What path awaits them?

Using this article, have students complete these two exercises:

1. The road to Euro 2016
2. Euro 2016

ACTIVITY 2: THE EURO and security

"Russia, host of the 2018 World Cup, and England will be disqualified from Euro-2016 in the event of further violence: UEFA, which manages the tournament, raised its tone on Sunday after the brawls between Russian and English supporters at the stadium and in town in Marseille on Saturday. "


Following these events, and given the threat that has weighed on France since the November attacks, are the UEFA authorities right to put such threats in place?

- Is it necessary to exclude a country in order to condemn the actions of the partisans?
- Is it necessary to assign more than 1,500 members of the police to ensure calm before a sporting event?
- Is the French government right to ban the consumption and sale of alcohol in “sensitive areas” on the eve of and on match days?
- Should we ban alcohol consumption for all to control a minority?
- What prompts supporters to act like this?

ACTIVITY 3: The stadiums of EURO 2016

EURO 2016 takes place in France. Ten stadiums will host games of this championship.
Using the article following, ask students to locate the stadiums on the map of France.

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