We met Annie-Claude Laniel and Karine Godin-Tremblay, elementary school teachers, who talk to us about collaborative projects accessible in the context of the Rendez-vous des écoles francophones en network (REFER).

Text by Alexane St-Amant Ringuette

In this interview, Annie-Claude and Karine share their experience with the projects These trees that surround us and Cooking with class, projects that have enabled them to have their students collaborate with classes from all over the Francophonie.

They mention that collaborative projects require time and organization, but that they greatly promote the development of students' skills in all disciplines and allow their passions to emerge.

For teachers, it is a way to break isolation and build something bigger with people who have similar or complementary interests.

"Today, being isolated in your classroom is a choice" - Karine Godin-Tremblay

We invite you to listen to this interview conducted on the occasion of REFER 2019 to learn more about Annie-Claude and Karine's motivations to participate in collaborative projects as well as their sources of inspiration.

Projects These trees that surround us and Cooking with "classes" have been renewed for REFER 2020. In addition, discover all the REFER 2020 projects and, by registering, join the hundreds of participating classes!