If I had known before… Discover trades and professions using digital resources

In the video entitled If I had known before…, the students of the Personal Orientation Project class at Saint-Henri high school in Montreal, carry out an individual exploration process of a trade or profession. profession they discover with the help of activity guides, project boxes, exploration sites, educational and professional information and interviews with workers.

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In the video titled If I had known before…, The students of the Personal Orientation Project class at Saint-Henri high school in Montreal, carry out a exploration process individual of a trade or profession that they discover with the help of activity guides, project boxes, exploration sites, educational and professional information and interviews with workers.

These information, observation, exploration and experimentation tools allow them to find answers to some of the questions they ask themselves, to formulate others, to broaden their vision of the world of work. and thus, they develop their ability to orient themselves.

Photo : salle de classe PPO de l’enseignante Judith Des Chatelets, école Saint-Henri, Commission scolaire de Montréal
Photo: PPO classroom of teacher Judith Des Chatelets, Saint-Henri school, Montreal School Board

Immersed in a culture where digital resources are omnipresent and guided by their teacher, students have the opportunity to become aware of the evolution of information and communication technologies (ICT) over time and instead of 'they occupy in the trades of today and tomorrow. Indeed, the world of work and life as a citizen are very different from what they were not so long ago!

This cultural link with trades and professions is the backdrop for the exploratory process. To do this, the teacher and the guidance counselor of the school, through the integration of technologies, make students aware of family, social and cultural values that can influence their interests, their school career, the way they make choices and take decisions; in particular on the place occupied by ICT in tasks and the work environment. It also raises questions about the influence of the region's economic development, the globalization of trade and new technologies.

The students are then invited by their teacher to discover, through their exploratory approach, how trades and professions are different from one culture to another and how ICT occupy a similar or distinct place in them? Thus, it will enable them to understand the impact of social, cultural and technological dimensions on the sphere of work in other countries.

In addition to their activity, thanks to the collaboration of the guest organization, CyberCap, intervening in particular in the school network through its professional exploration and ICT development activities, the students experience an internship that makes them aware of digital culture. and which places them at the center of the action by reproducing the work functions of this sector. This is the opportunity for them to achieve a mini movie whose bases have been pre-scripted.

Resources to support the student's exploratory process:

I would like to thank everyone who participated in this project; notably Judith Des Chatelets, PPO teacher, Yannick Beaulieu, guidance counselor and Pasquale Cazabon, CyberCap project coordinator.

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Manon Barrette
Manon Barrette is pursuing doctoral studies in administration and educational policies at Laval University, holds a master's degree in educational administration from the Université de Montréal and a master's degree in career science from Laval University, in addition to being a member of the Order of Guidance Counselors of Quebec since 2001. For several years, she worked as an educational advisor at the Commission scolaire de Montréal. She has also acted as a specialist in educational sciences and as a facilitator for the RÉCIT National Service for Professional Development at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. She is currently assistant principal at the Armenian Sourp Hagog school. Author of several articles on the support of students in educational guidance, she is particularly interested in the integration of pedagogical resources in teaching according to a guidance approach and an entrepreneurial pedagogy.

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