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Universal Design for Learning: Benefits and Challenges

We met Cathy Brazeau, director of pedagogical development at Collège Sainte-Anne, to talk about universal design for learning (CUA), an inclusive course planning approach that takes into account, upstream, the needs of all learners. .

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We met Cathy Brazeau, director of educational development at Sainte-Anne College, to talk about Universal Design for Learning (UDL), an inclusive approach to lesson planning that takes into account, upstream, the needs of all learners.

When adopting a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach, teachers plan their lessons in advance based on their students' needs rather than creating adaptations afterwards. This implies getting to know the young people who are under your responsibility as well as their specific needs, whether they are permanent (such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc.) or temporary (illness, difficult period, etc.). “The variability of learners is the new norm in education,” explains Cathy Brazeau.

To better meet these needs, we can of course have recourse to a variety of tools, whether digital or not. However, digital tools have important advantages, if only for the possibility of visual adjustments (bigger text, increased line spacing, etc.) as well as their own functionalities (such as translation, subtitles). , etc.).

In CUA, as Cathy Brazeau explains, accessibility is also important. By accessibility, we mean here "educational comfort". "It's about feeling good as a learner", having the ease to use what is at your disposal in order to be able to learn.

Listen to the full interview to hear Ms. Brazeau talk about the challenges of AUC and its benefits for fostering learning.

text by Audrey Miller

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