Innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship at CréaCamp Ottawa: part 3

On February 27, the CréaCamp Ottawa was held, organized in collaboration with the CEPEO. In this third article in the series, we introduce you to Sophie, facilitator of the programming and robotics workshop.

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On February 27, the CréaCamp Ottawa was held, organized in collaboration with the ICE (innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship) team of the Eastern Ontario Public School Board. More than 50 education professionals of all levels from Quebec and Ontario came together to reflect, explore and deepen new pedagogical approaches.

As with all CréaCamps of the École branchée, at the start of the day, participants had to make a heartbreaking choice among the five workshops offered by the team of facilitators. This was mainly made up of pedagogical advisers and dynamic teachers from CEPEO with whom the École branchée had the opportunity to meet in order to share their vision of pedagogy, digital technology and innovation!

In this series of articles, we present to you the craftsmen of this CréaCamp.

Programming and robotics

This workshop was led by Nadia Thiffault, teacher at Terre-des-Jeunes school as well as by Sophie Larocque-Germain, educational advisor in innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship at CEPEO. Before becoming an educational consultant, Sophie taught preschool. Learning through play, inquiry and authentic experiences represents his vision of education.

Sophie and Nadia were accompanied by Nathalie Laroche from the Cœur-des-Vallées school board.

What prompted you to lead this workshop?

Sophie: In my opinion, it is important as a teacher to place yourself in a co-learner posture. We liked the idea of creating a context where not only would the participants have the chance to learn and discuss robotics and programming, but we would also learn from them.   

What are the skills that can be developed in students with programming and robotics?

Sophie: Programming and robotics can develop several skills, including critical thinking and problem solving. The student may be required to find solutions to problems or to a challenge when handling a robot, for example. Depending on the context, students can also develop their communication and collaboration skills. Finally, it is obvious that we are developing creativity and innovation.

Where to start? What advice to give to a teacher who wants to get started?

Tip #1: You don't have to be a subject matter expert to expose students to different programming and robotics tools. Students have a lot to teach you. 

Tip #2: Network! Subscribe to a discussion group on the subject: Educational robotics on Facebook for example.

Tip #3: Dare!

What did you take away from your experience as a facilitator at CréaCamp?

The CréaCamp is an experience to be lived.

What is your educational crush?

All the projects we get out of it! After a CréaCamp, we are ready to take action!

Learn more about programming and robotics in this comprehensive guide on the subject. You will find several resources there.

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