The impact of Classcraft on student behavior

Since the start of the pandemic, educators using Classcraft have reinforced positive behaviors 40 million times by supporting distance learning.

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Communicated - Since the start of the pandemic, Classcraft, a Quebec educational technology company, has demonstrated its positive impact on student behavior and motivation.

Encourage positive behavior
Since the start of the pandemic, teachers, administrators and staff using Classcraft have rewarded students for 40 million positive behaviors. Educators have used Classcraft to reward behaviors associated with successful distance learning, including:

  • Show up for a video lesson on time and with good disposition: 930,000 times;
  • Be optimistic and work hard: 641,000 times;
  • Complete online activities: 478,000 times;
  • Showing respect online: 110,000 times.

Reduce negative behavior
Classcraft has also helped educators reduce the occurrence of negative behavior. Since the start of the pandemic, educators have emphasized 15 times more positive behaviors than negative behaviors.

Promote school engagement
Classcraft has also helped teachers maintain students' interest in their studies when learning at home or in a hybrid model, as evidenced by the following examples:

  • Over 300,000 personalized learning quests have been created by teachers;
  • Over 10 million quest objectives have been completed by students.

Classcraft Raises 4.5 M$ to Help Educators Improve Student Behavior

Classcraft announced this week that it has concluded a round of funding of 4.5 M$ (3.6 M$ US) which will allow it to step up its efforts to support school and school board administrators in improving student behavior and school climate.

The round, led by Brightspark Ventures, also includes funding from Whitecap Venture Partners, Amplify Capital and two new investors: Theodorus and Unreasonable Collective.

This investment will allow Classcraft to better meet the global need of educators to improve student behavior and engagement in virtual, hybrid and traditional environments. A recent report byEducation Week revealed that K-12 administrators say student engagement and motivation is their biggest challenge during the later stages of the pandemic.

With this funding, Classcraft expects to accelerate product development as well as its sales and marketing efforts. The company will also expand its team in order to establish partnerships within the edtech community.

“Behavior and motivation are at the heart of what it takes for student success. Given what students and teachers went through during the pandemic, developing these skills is even more essential, ”said Shawn Young, CEO and Co-Founder of Classcraft. “We are excited to be working with our investors to help educators achieve their goals of improving student behavior and the school climate. "

For Theodorus and Unreasonable Collective, investing in Classcraft represents an opportunity to have an evolutionary impact on the most important challenges of education during a pandemic and to provide support to students who need it most.

“Education is the best system we have to promote a more equitable society. With this investment, we are supporting a Canadian leader in Kindergarten to Grade 12 education to accelerate its expansion in the United States and around the world, ”said Théo Risopoulos, Director of Investments at Theodorus Investment Funds

“Classcraft is tackling one of the biggest challenges, not only in education, but also in our culture. Classcraft supports educators who seek to increase student engagement, introduce them to the joy of learning, and promote meaningful connection. We are delighted to support this mission and fuel the growth and innovation of Classcraft, ”said Pratibha Vuppuluri, Managing Director, Unreasonable Collective.

Image source: Classcraft

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