Imagine a scientific experiment to be carried out in space!

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield invites students 19 and under to brainstorm to find an experience to do in space.

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Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield invites students 19 and under to brainstorm to find a experiment to do in space.

The winning idea will be added to the hundred or so scientific experiments that the astronaut will perform during his six-month trip aboard the International Space Station, in orbit 400 kilometers above the Earth.

All ideas are welcome, but teams of up to six young people must still meet certain criteria. Thus, as space on board is limited, participants will have to suggest experiences that can be carried out from a equipment list already available in the space station. And since Mr. Hadfield's minutes are numbered, this one should not take more than twenty minutes to complete.

Students should write down each step of the experiment and record a video of it, no longer than two minutes. The team whose idea has been selected by the jury will have the privilege of seeing the astronaut perform the experiment live by videoconference. In addition, the experiences of the ten finalists will be broadcast on the Canadian Space Agency website. They will also receive a souvenir of the mission.

This is a great opportunity to talk about the astronaut and travel with his students. The different sections of the site present interesting information as well as three quizzes.

Chris Hadfield will take off from the tundra of Kazakhstan on December 5 for the International Space Station. Proposals can however be sent until December 31, 2012.

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