There is still time to participate in the first edition of the Canadian Children's Film Festival

The Canadian Youth Film Festival provides a showcase for youth films made in school settings at both the elementary and secondary levels. The deadline for student film submissions is May 15.

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By Julie Talbot, art teacher at Collège Sainte-Anne - Lachine High School

The Canadian Children's Film Festival Canadian Youth Film Festival is a non-profit festival whose objective is to provide a showcase for youth cinema. It also aims to provide support to teachers who wish to make films with their students in the school context, both at the primary and secondary levels.


The Canadian Children's Film Festival is an annual event that will showcase film productions made by students in a Canadian school setting. It aims to stimulate a national dialogue on the place of film in schools, as the 7th art can create a sense of well-being in young people. The festival takes the form of a competition and is open to both French and English-speaking students. To support teachers who wish to participate in the festival with their students, resources and pedagogical proposals are also offered.

Educational materials and resources

This material is intended for teachers, but could also be used by curious and resourceful students. It is available in the form of tutorials pre-selected according to their quality and relevance, or on sites that allow students to deepen their knowledge of cinema. All of these tools can be found in a section of the Festival website called Educational resources. 

There is also a "2021-2022 Pedagogical File" tab where material created specifically for elementary and secondary school teachers can be found. A great way to introduce the analysis of moving images in the classroom and to start a reflection on cinema by presenting the two selected short films. 

A downloadable folder and age-appropriate questions will be very useful for all art teachers who want to assess the skill of "appreciating works of art" in the classroom without necessarily making films! 

And for teachers of subjects other than the arts, it will be possible to open a dialogue on the theme, on critical judgment, on narrative or simply on opinion. For those who want to start creating films, there are free software and royalty-free image and sound platforms listed for them. 

The goal is to feel that making a film in the classroom is possible even if you are not 100 % of these skills. Remember that students are bold and resourceful when it comes to navigating new technological tools. The first step is to trust them.

Our Canadian Youth Film Festiva | Festival canadien de cinéma jeunesset is the only national festival dedicated to young people's cinematographic works that also aims to support teachers who wish to make films with their students.

This first edition will take place online and the selected films will be hosted on the festival's platform from June 15.

The deadline to submit student films is May 15. For more details and to view the rules, one can visit the official festival page or follow the pages on social media:

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