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IDÉLLO, through its relevant content, prepares students to contribute to the society of tomorrow by promoting the development of 21st century skills.

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The web platform IDÉLLO meets the needs of teachers, educators, parents and especially students who seek to achieve a learning journey that is rich, fun and tinged with discovery.

Focusing on the fun aspect and the diversity of resources, IDÉLLO promotes the personalization of learning paths. Children's engagement is stimulated by digital content - videos, websites, apps - whose recognized educational value is closely linked to their interests.

Sure IDÉLLO, the user experience aims to promote the development of learning communities through features and benefits such as:

  • THE SEARCH FOR PEDAGOGICAL RESOURCES, thanks to filters aligned with educational needs. All the resources are categorized by subjects, school levels / ages, themes, skills, etc .;
  • THE CONTRIBUTION OF THE COMMUNITY to the development of educational resources with the possibility of commenting and evaluating the resources, as well as creating and offering content;

    Screenshot of Idéllo
  • COLLABORATION with the creation and management of online student groups with which to create and share activities and / or quizzes and follow their progress;
  • CUSTOMIZATION thanks to a dashboard that allows you to organize resources in favorite folders, to create and save search lists, to create private groups. Also with a recommendation engine that offers resources to users based on their interests or those of members of their groups;

    Screenshot of Idéllo dashboard
  • SHARING IDÉLLO RESOURCES on social networks or within the platform, with its communities of interest and student groups;
  • VARIED, RELEVANT AND RENEWED CONTENT. More than a year and a half after its launch, several hundred videos, educational tools, websites and mobile applications have been added to IDÉLLO, bringing the number of French resources available to more than 11,500. Among the most recent are:
    • Projects LISTENING and French without borders for teachers of French as a second language, who compile hundreds of files for teachers, students and parents, targeting the themes of listening or intercultural understanding;
    • Apps MaXi - Creator of Comics and Infinite Ecodefi which stimulate the creativity of young people by strengthening their respect for nature and the environment;
    • Series Amélie and company, filmed entirely in French in Sudbury, Ontario;
    • Featured content from Groupe Média TFO, such as capsules Did you know that... or the videos of Miniverse, productions produced entirely in the LUV (virtual universe laboratory) - the first virtual set studio to use unique video game technology for TV production.


IDÉLLO prepares students to contribute to the society of tomorrow by promoting the development of skills in the 21e century. Relevant content arouses their interest while developing research skills in them.

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