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"Any ideas for an activity in ...?" "Who knows a video about ...?" The IDÉLLO platform, from Groupe Média TFO, may be what you need!

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“Any ideas for an activity in…? "" Who knows a video about ...? The IDÉLLO platform, from Groupe Média TFO, may be what you need!

Launched in February 2016 on the occasion of the congress Tablettists, IDÉLLO replaces the TFO Éducation site. Multiplatform, it promotes online learning thanks to features and a workspace that allow exchanges between users.

IDÉLLO brings together nearly 8,000 resources including more than 6,000 videos, 300 series and 600 educational tools, including numerous guides, some sixty online games, some forty booklets or posters and multiple listed websites.

To access all the resources, it must be subscribed. However, a free registration still gives access to some things more than the unconnected tour.



An efficient search engine

Despite the richness of the offer, it is easy to navigate. The section Explore resources offers a search engine that facilitates discovery through a series of filters limiting the proposals. Thus, the teacher looking for THE document he needs to illustrate his lesson or integrate into his flipped classroom should be fulfilled.

The filter by LEVEL offers four school levels which, themselves, can be specified. For example, the “Preschool” level also offers the choices “toddlers”, “early childhood” and “kindergarten”. For its part, the “Elementary” level makes it possible to directly target one or more school years. The MATERIAL filter is developed in the same way: a list of subjects (arts, maths, French, etc.) for which you can refine the search. The other filters are the TYPE of documents (game, video series, website, etc.) and the TOPIC (citizenship, celebrations, sustainable development, intimidation, etc.). Finally, a search by key words also makes it possible to find the rare pearl, the document which answers the need of the moment.


We test for you!

Let's try a search for a first cycle elementary school class in science and technology to which we add the keyword: fall. IDÉLLO offers two documents: a series of 4 episodes of Charlie in the ravine and Why do the leaves fall in autumn with Adibou. Non-subscribers can watch a sample of these two videos for free.

Another research, this time for high school students in social and human sciences in the field of History. Result: 682 resources. Let's say that we refine by keeping only the video series and educational tools. We now have 73 resource choices. For students 3e year of secondary school, we finally arrive at 14 resources.


Bookmarks, sharing and content creation

IDÉLLO allows subscribers to create and share educational content. To do this, the teacher first creates his group or groups of students. Then, when he finds a suitable resource, he taps the purple cube on the left of the screen and opens the COLLABORATE option. This action offers the following choices:

  • Add an activity (such as quizzes available online);
  • Share with a group (created by the teacher);
  • Share on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).

It would then also be possible to add a link to the activity on ChallengeU, another platform used by many teachers, for example.

The teacher can also create files and classify his “favorites” in them. That way, you don't have to search year after year for that awesome video that explained protein synthesis so well, for example. In addition, it is possible to give your opinion on all the resources.

Many of the resources offered by IDÉLLO are television programs. This format is not suitable for full use in the classroom. It exists several free apps (others still here) to cut video sequences and allow the teacher to choose the part that corresponds to his teaching needs. On the other hand, having students watch a half-hour video in the evening at home could provide a great opportunity for family gathering and discussion. A type of e-learning which corresponds to the realities of our “connected” students (and our schools). In addition, closed captioning and video transcription are offered for all videos.


Access IDÉLLO:

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