Time travel with Google Timelapse

Google Timelapse allows you to see the evolution of certain corners of the planet from thousands of photos taken between 1984 and today.

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Google presented an impressive update a few weeks ago to its Timelapse website, which shows the evolution of the planet from thousands of photos taken between 1984 and today.

Timelapse has the familiar look of Google earth. You enter the name of a city (or even a specific address) and you are immediately directed there as the crow flies. Except that in this case, we can also see the evolution of the view over the last thirty years thanks to an animation - that it is possible to slow down or pause (and even to move forward / backward frame by frame). with the arrows on the keyboard). A selection of around thirty places where the changes are particularly impressive is also presented at the bottom of the window, just below the timeline.

Timelapse is an extraordinary tool to enable students to become aware of the impacts of economic development on the environment and the magnitude of the changes that can occur on the scale of a generation.

Explore the evolution of familiar places

It is also possible to have a similar experience with places that are even more familiar to students: from important places in their city, village, neighborhood or places they have already visited.

This involves using an unknown function of Google Streetview, which allows (for several cities) to go back in time from photographs taken at eye level rather than as the crow flies.

To do this, we first go to Google Maps. We indicate the address of the place we want to explore [1], then we slide the little yellow man located in the lower corner on the map [2] on the precise place we want to see [3]. Google then presents us with the most recent images it has for that location.

Then we use the section that is in the upper left corner [4] to see images of the same place over the years. For Quebec City, we can thus go back in time to 2009 [5].

Google Timelapse


Above, the surroundings of Rochebelle high school in Quebec City, which have changed a lot over the past seven years, as we can easily see ...

And we can obviously move around in the images… almost as if we were there!




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