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Storm Sandy made landfall Monday night in New Jersey state, the U.S. Hurricane Monitoring Center (NHC) said.

"Mass evacuations, state of emergency, cancellation of thousands of flights, closure of public transport, closed schools, shutdown of New York Stock Exchange: Hurricane Sandy triggered a series of preventive measures on the American east coast . "
“Sandy, which travels at around 24 km / h, generates 140 km / h winds and torrential rain. This end-of-season low is, according to experts, one of the largest and most powerful hurricanes seen on the east coast of the United States. "

Source: Radio-Canada

These few extracts are enough to give shivers down your spine on the day before Halloween. Here are some ideas for activities and resources related to Frankenstorm


At the end of the activities, the student will be able to:
- Consult current affairs articles to familiarize yourself with this subject;
- Locate the main regions affected by storm Sandy;
- Understand how hurricanes are formed;
- Create a concept map to summarize the things learned in the activities;
- Use the Internet effectively to find information.  

Suggested Activities

ACTIVITY 1: What exactly is going on?

The first activity is to make sure that the students are all aware of the news. Here are some sources to consult:
Sandy's trajectory and displacement
Saguenay welcomes 5,000 unexpected visitors due to Sandy
Hurricane Sandy: Obama warns of a "big and powerful" storm
Hurricane Sandy, "Xynthia's equivalent for New York"
Sandy: high winds and rain in eastern Canada
Sandy: a taste of global warming?

Suggestions: group viewing, reading aloud, personal or small group reading followed by a summary to the rest of the class, etc.
Then ask the students to verbally summarize what they saw or read.
To do this, they could create a mind map (by hand or using software).

ACTIVITY 2: Hurricanes

First ask students what they know about hurricanes.
Here is the definition of each stage of a storm, according to Wikipedia :
Tropical depression
It is an organized system of clouds, water and thunderstorms with a closed cyclonic circulation at the surface and winds with a maximum speed of less than 17 m / s (i.e. 63 km / h).
Tropical storm
It is a cyclonic system whose winds have a maximum speed of between 17 and 33 m / s (i.e. between 63 and 117 km / h).
It is a cyclonic system whose winds have a speed that exceeds 33 m / s (about 118 km / h) and which has a clear eye in its center.
Can you even imagine the force of a wind of 118 km / h? Take the time to learn more about these super storms.

- Infographics : Visualize the destructive power of hurricanes (Le Figaro)
How is Frankenstorm different from hurricanes? 

ACTIVITY 3: Before - After

Take a look back at the storm by comparing the effects that were predicted to those that actually took place.

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The sinking of the Bounty
A tall ship built in Nova Scotia sank off the coast of North Carolina from Hurricane Sandy. The majestic three-masted vessel was trying to get around the storm when it was overtaken by the elements. Listen to his story in this audio report from Radio-Canada.

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