As part of the dissemination of a series of portraits of member companies of the Edteq Association (Enterprises for the development of educational technologies in Quebec), it is our pleasure today to present Fovéa to you!

In education, we lack data on our students. Are they motivated? Committed? Stressed? As a teacher, we have intuitions, but how do we make sure that we make the right decisions, that we provide the best resources and that we make the best interventions? These are the questions Séverine Parent and Michelle Deschênes wanted to answer when they created Fovea.

To give their teacher a better portrait of students, Fovéa gives students a voice by allowing them to share their perceptions. At the end of each class, students receive a text or email notification and answer two questions, for example about their stress level or socio-emotional engagement. Do the students have friendly relations with their colleagues? Are they comfortable asking questions? The answers to these questions are compiled in a dashboard and allow the teacher to direct his actions.

With these data, Fovéa provides the teacher with a portrait in real time. The tool offers teachers and students resources that can help them. For example, workshops on stress management offered at his institution would be suggested to a stressed student. A teacher whose several students seem stressed on the eve of an exam would see an article on alternative assessment methods. Thanks to Fovéa, the teacher is better informed about the needs of the students, which allows him to offer the students a personalized learning experience.

Fovea in class

During the 2018 winter session, Fovéa was deployed at the college level in four selected institutions. Over 200 users were able to use Fovéa on a weekly basis!

Jean Desjardins - Sainte-Anne College

This first iteration has shown that the tool is useful. It also made it possible to target challenges to be taken up in the coming months. The project is an integral part of a research project that supports technological and educational decisions related to the tool.

The use of data in training

The project aims to provide the best resources at the best time to help make the best decisions and make the best interventions. It is well known that dropping out is expensive, the costs generated by each dropout over the course of a lifetime are close to half a million dollars. Success pays off: it is high time that we looked at the data concerning educational success, and that is what Fovéa is proposing!

With Fovéa, we want to help improve the learning experience for students. It is expected that Fovéa will be deployed on a larger scale as of the next school year.

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