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Here are the recordings of some of the virtual trainings that were offered as part of CréaCamp of École branchée. They are freely accessible for 30 days following their posting, then reserved for members of the CréaCamp Découverte.

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This workshop offers many resources and makes concrete links with the training program to carry out multidisciplinary projects, in addition to allowing you to try out live customization of an app from a template. 

Using Microsoft PowerPoint, it is simple to design your own instructional materials, such as worksheets, task cards, and educational workshops. In this session, we will learn more specifically about Jason's creative process as he uses PowerPoint and various resources available on the web to design instructional materials and make them available to other teaching professionals as a designer.

In the digital age, where everything is extremely fast-paced and information is accessible from anywhere at any time, young people are learning more and more independently, especially by watching videos. If we were to be intentionally present where young people are, what would be the impact on their learning? And if we guided them so that they could create and learn among themselves, the impact could be major! After this hour, you can continue your learning on the CADRE21 platform to finally claim your Creative Video Training Explorer badge!

Want to add interactivity to your courses? BookWidgets is a subscription-based tool that makes it easy to create more than 40 types of digital exercises such as quizzes, crossword puzzles, memory games... No less than 35 types of questions (most of which are self-correcting) are offered in certain activities and allow you to receive student responses and send them personalized feedback. Tracks, playfulness, fun, everything is there for success!

One of the biggest issues in teaching is time. Let's look at some tips on how to balance professional and personal tasks while having a sense of accomplishment without being out of breath at the end of the school year. Several management tips will be presented, as well as ways to organize with the help of digital tools. It's time to think about your time budget and strategies to save time and finally get a break!

Is it absolutely necessary to use technological tools (computer, tablet, robots, etc.) to learn and master various concepts associated with computer thinking or programming? The answer is no! Unplugged computing allows us to dissociate ourselves from the "machines" in order to facilitate the learning of the basic principles of computer science, starting at a young age. Discover the many benefits of teaching unplugged!

Google Forms is a well-known tool for questioning students, but have you ever thought about using it to record observations or traces of conversations between or with students? With thoughtful forms, note-taking about student work can become more efficient and consistent! Find out how to make the most of this simple yet powerful tool!

(Training) Want to send your answers entered via a Google form in a specific document? Discover this add-on to the Google Suite that allows you to automate several processes related to learning documentation and evaluation! You will gain in efficiency and save a lot of time.

(Training) Podcasting in education is a world to discover! For the past few years, many podcasts have been created each month and can meet different training or self-training needs, for both teachers and students. Whether it's to reflect on your teaching practices or to follow the latest technological news, for example, there is something for everyone.

Whether it's to inspire writing activities, travel virtually, measure distances, present literary projects or have students create guided tours, Google Earth presents multiple educational possibilities in many subjects and at many levels. Come and discover this tool that is both known and unknown! You will leave with a head full of ideas and projects!

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