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The Podcast: A Professional Development Tool

With so much time spent in front of screens, podcasting is a convenient and simple option to take a break from the screen while continuing to develop professionally. So you can learn while you're driving around, taking a walk or going about your household chores. Sharing your own thoughts and learnings by starting your own podcast is simple and does not require advanced technical skills. Online tools and a mobile device are all it takes to produce and distribute your own podcast and share your knowledge with the education community. 

Examples of tools as well as personal experiences will be presented in this workshop in order to give you, perhaps, the desire to launch one yourself or to start one with your class! The availability of podcasts in education has been growing over the past few years and it's a world to discover. There are a lot of podcasts being released every month that can meet different training or self-study needs for both teachers and students. Whether you want to reflect on your teaching practices or follow the latest technological news, there is something for everyone. Many podcasts to follow in education will be presented during the workshop and a collaborative list will be proposed to the participants in order to improve their choices.

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