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Active pedagogy with SCOOP! to exploit current events (Rediffusion)

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This training was offered as part of the CréaCamp Découverte de l'École branchée. Toutes les rediffusions sont offertes aux membres abonnés ou en se procurant un 1 month access to videos only.

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Learn how to maximize the potential of SCOOP educational guides!
Facilitated by our educational advisor Maxime Laflamme, creator of the SCOOP! Guides, this workshop will allow you to explore all the educational possibilities in connection with the #1 tool to work on current events in class while developing the digital competence of students through stimulating activities.
(Having access to SCOOP! Is an asset, otherwise it will be a great opportunity to learn more!)

With Maxime Laflamme, Educational advisor (L'École branchée)

This presentation in the CréaCamp Discovery formula was offered in May 2021.

Video replay

Note that some exchanges with participants have been removed from the recording. Good viewing!