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The Erudite AI team wants to provide access to quality education for all. For this, it uses Artificial Intelligence to democratize and disseminate knowledge throughout the world.

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As part of the dissemination of a series of portraits of companies members of the Edteq Association (Enterprises for the development of educational technologies in Quebec), it is our pleasure today to present Erudite AI!

The Erudite AI team wants to provide access to quality education for all. To do this, it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to democratize and disseminate knowledge around the world.

Patrick Poirier, CEO of Erudite AI, was a high school dropout. It is thanks to tutoring that he resumed classes and now has 5 university degrees (in Commerce, Psychiatry, Computer Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning). This experience led him to create ERI, a tutoring platform for students augmented by artificial intelligence (AI), and now a flagship product of Erudite AI, so that all students can have the same chance as him.

A tutoring platform for students augmented by AI

ERI is an instant messaging platform dedicated to tutoring between students, in order to facilitate help with homework in mathematics. Artificial Intelligence modules are included to guide conversations and obtain a quality and efficiency equivalent to those of a professional tutoring session. In order to ensure maximum accessibility of the platform, ERI is free for users (students and teachers).

ERI is currently in the test phase with 800 high school students (upper secondary school students) from Montreal and Nairobi (Kenya), in English and French. This involves testing and improving various features of the AI system that guides students' conversations, before a public release scheduled for September 2018. The project is funded by government aid, as well as the Media Fund. Canadian companies and the AI service mandates that Erudite also offers.

Research for social impact: a powerful cement for the Erudite AI team

The social impact in education is the glue that unites the members of the Erudite team: around ten people with different personalities, origins and backgrounds. This seems like a good recipe since the company was ranked among the top 10 teams in the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE global competition for the use of AI with social impact.

Thanks to the sincere commitment of teachers in pilot schools, such as Beaubois College in Pierrefonds, ERI can improve every day. Erudite hopes to make ERI available in all high schools in Quebec with the help of school boards and the government.

Because as Patrick, its founder, says: “ We are working on a solution to a global problem that can not only help individuals, but also have positive economic impacts globally. "

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