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SCOOP! - Activities to improve planning while developing students' digital skills

Mainly designed for the 3rd cycle of elementary and secondary school, the SCOOP! collection of activities by École branchée is your ally in developing the digital competence of your students while starting from current contexts, improving your planning without changing it. Discovering applications, tips and tricks are on the menu for this enriching and surprising hour!

Developing a love of reading with the help of digital technology

Digital technology can support literacy development in many ways in the classroom! This learning activity will explore how to leverage it to help students find books, share their impressions of their reading, build a community of readers, learn more about their book preferences, benefit from diversity in their reading choices, keep track of their reading, benefit from reading aids, improve their reading strategies, and... encourage reading in general. We will also discuss different ways to implement these activities in the classroom using digital tools such as digital books, online reading platforms, reading apps and social networks dedicated to reading.

Writing and Digital: Seeing Opportunities from Preschool to Cycle Three

Supporting students in the development of their writing skills requires the mobilization of several resources, depending on the child's level. Indeed, to be able to produce a "written document", the student must apply several distinct knowledge and skills. In this workshop, you will discover how to create activities with several digital tools in order to put your students in action so that they develop their writing skills in a fun and level-appropriate way. 

Get organized with Google Workspace

In the daily lives of education staff, digital is convenient in many ways, but it can also quickly become overwhelming! In this workshop, we will introduce various tools from the Google suite that will help you organize your digital life. Solutions for managing your emails, files, lists and reminders will be presented. We will also share tips and ideas that will help you balance your life... and even your right to disconnect!

Supporting teachers in their professional development in the digital age

The panorama of continuing education in Quebec is increasingly vast, but the basic issues remain: time, access, transferability to practice and mobilization of the school team. Now that digital technology has become an access facilitator, it is important to identify the winning conditions for informing, guiding and supporting teachers in their professional development efforts. How can we support and engage teachers in their continuing education with digital technology AND about digital technology? This workshop is intended for pedagogical leaders - principals, pedagogical consultants and resource teachers - and will explore this question by providing concrete avenues for action.

Google Presentations...more than just a slideshow!

Why limit yourself to creating simple slideshows with Google Presentations? Come and discover the many other possibilities of this user-friendly and versatile tool. Digital books, comic books, video editing, digital portfolios... There is no shortage of ideas!

Google Photos: A tool for documenting learning!

Are you taking photos and videos of your students in action and looking for an efficient way to organize all of that footage quickly? Google Photos is a solution to consider. This workshop will show you how to use it to save all your photos and videos in one place, create shared albums, add comments, invite collaborators... and all this while freeing up valuable storage space on your mobile devices!

Google Forms 101 - The Basics

Google Forms provides teachers with quick and easy access to student thinking, knowledge and skill level. Forms can be used in all sorts of ways with students, teachers and even the community. Before you can take advantage of a form, you need to know how to create one! In this workshop, we will first learn how to create a form, the difference between possible question types, how to incorporate images and videos, how to share the form and then how to analyze the data collected. Participants will leave feeling confident and ready to create a useful form for their class!

Google Drawing

Google Drawings is a tool in the basic Google suite. Often underutilized, it is very powerful for drawing, collaboration, publishing and learning. The limit? Your imagination! This workshop will teach you how to use this application for graphic design, communication and to stimulate your students' creativity!

Google Calendar

Are you looking for a tool to better manage your teaching and other related tasks? Google Calendar, little known and little used in a school context, may be the tool for you! In this workshop, we will see how to maximize the use of agendas for backward planning as well as use time slots for booking appointments (among other things, to simplify the organization of parents' meetings!) and resources (premises, material, etc.). A powerful tool that is sure to alleviate some of your workload and maximize collaboration within your school.

Creativity in 360 degrees

This workshop will present different tools to create your own 360 degree images and videos. Whether you want to create a virtual tour of your school or a virtual reality experience for students to explore content in the classroom, this workshop is designed for those with a taste for adventure! We will roll up our sleeves and create a product by the end of the workshop. Bring your 360 degree camera (if you have one), your mobile device and a laptop!

Chrome - A powerful browser!

Chrome is a fast, simple, and secure browser that is designed for the modern Web. In this workshop, we will focus on tips and tricks surrounding tabs, bookmarks, and many other tools in Chrome. Whether you're new to Google or looking to maximize your productivity with this browser, this workshop will have something for you!

Explore the multidisciplinary educational possibilities of Google Earth

Whether it's to inspire writing activities, travel virtually, measure distances, present literary projects or have students create guided tours, Google Earth presents multiple educational possibilities in many subjects and many levels. Come and discover this well known... but equally unknown tool! You will leave with a head full of ideas and projects!

Maximizing the use of the Chromebook in the classroom

Do you have access to Chromebooks in your school? This simple and versatile tool is ideal for a multitude of educational activities with students of all ages. During this workshop, we will discuss the specificities of the device and its possibilities. We'll also provide a variety of turnkey resources to help you (and your students) get started, as well as a host of tools and ideas to get your students creating, collaborating and organizing!

Create a learning portfolio with Google Sites

How about an online space where students can share accomplishments that represent the progression of their learning over time? Google Sites offers several options for creating, integrating, and gathering audio, video, visuals, hyperlinks, and more in one place to build a convenient digital portfolio!

  The podcast: a professional development tool to achieve your goals (Replay)

(Training) Podcasting in education is a world to discover! For the past few years, many podcasts have been created each month and can meet different training or self-training needs, for both teachers and students. Whether it's to reflect on your teaching practices or to follow the latest technological news, for example, there is something for everyone.

Create beautiful educational documents and videos with Canva

You don't have to be a professional graphic designer to create beautiful visuals! The Canva application, which is free for students and teachers, offers a host of templates to adapt to your needs, in addition to an impressive collection of images, animations, sound effects and videos ready to enrich your creations. From posters to presentations, videos (without complicated editing!), banners and social media posts, who doesn't dream of being able to customize their educational tools to the max?

La Digitale's free and open source tools to boost teaching

La Digitale is a collection of simple, free, online digital applications that make teaching more efficient and dynamic. Collaborative board, sharing wall, polling tool, screen organizer, word cloud and activity path creator, random draw, text and video cleanup tool and much more are on the agenda of this particularly active workshop: you will have your hands on the keys and will be able to try out several tools!

Program an app with the iPad from A to Z, it's possible

The Swift Playgrounds application (version 4), which is free for the iPad, allows students to learn about text-based programming by solving fun and simple problems, but also to go further and develop an in-depth knowledge of Swift, a language actually used by application developers. The challenges proposed to the students, whose level of difficulty varies, allow them to develop and mobilize their technological skills, to innovate... and even to go as far as designing a functional app!

Wakelet, much more than a collection of favorites!

Wakelet is a free tool that allows you to organize a variety of digital content. Whether it's a collection of articles, videos, podcasts or documents, it's easy to organize and share your discoveries with your students or colleagues! Wakelet is also a practical tool that can be used as a portfolio, newsletter and even as a preparation for substitute teaching! Discover this versatile tool with us!

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