Alexandra Bernier

Develop your creativity with Apple tools

Developing creativity is an essential 21st century skill. Whether it's finding original solutions to a problem or presenting results effectively, developing creativity helps to articulate one's thinking and opens up avenues of communication. In this workshop, learn how Apple's tools and applications enable teachers and students to develop and express their creativity. See how KeyNote, Numbers, Pages, Photos and Clips can be used to create stimulating and relevant curriculum-related activities and learning situations. *This workshop can be adapted for a specific subject or offered to all.

Using the iPad to teach science

The iPad tablet is a must-have tool for teaching and learning science in elementary and secondary schools. A host of free, native apps allow teachers and students to observe scientific phenomena, collect data, analyze it, and share it. In this workshop, participants will experience science activities that they can then better pilot or adapt for their students. Thanks to the portability of the tablet, students and teachers can be active learners, both in the real and figurative sense!

Evaluating differently through participatory evaluation and open-ended creative projects

This workshop presents learning and assessment situations that give students a lot of flexibility. Learn how digital communication and outreach tools can help imagine, create and design unique and creative projects. Then track your students' progress and provide effective feedback. Finally, get students more involved in their assessment process by collecting their perceptions of their learning and that of their peers.

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

This training is designed to introduce participants to Microsoft Teams. Whether you are a group transitioning from the Google environment to Office or you want an effective introduction to the work environment, this workshop is ideal for learning how to properly manage teams, files, and organization for distance learning (video conferencing, class notebook).

Using the iPad to teach science

Training focused on observation, data collection, analysis and creative projects in science and technology.

Science Breakout Classroom

How to propose science and technology projects that allow students a great deal of flexibility without compromising learning or making the organization too complex? Workshop presenting an open practice and related learning and assessment tools.

Assessing with the iPad

A training course on how to use the Numbers app on the iPad to collect a variety of information, produce assessment reports, take notes and propose...

Creativity for all with the iPad-audio and video

The iPad tablet is a very powerful, but sometimes underutilized, creative tool. This workshop will explore the educational possibilities of various free tools suitable for all levels. Learn about the possibilities of Garageband (native application), including recording podcasts and creating music tracks using Live loops. Also, learn how to integrate freshly created music into a video using the Clips application.

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