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Appeared in Vol. 18 no. 1 of the magazine, this 8-page dossier shares ideas, sometimes very simple, to improve the experience of students in the classroom thanks to digital technology. The six teachers who speak to you have varying degrees of fluency with technology. However, they all have one point in common: to have bet on a particular element and to have exploited it in a pedagogical way with their students.

After all, it is for the success of the latter that all these means - exploitation of the blog, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, the iPad and robotics - are put in place!
  • Nathalie Laroche talks to us about Twitter
  • Isabelle Bédard tells us about the blog
  • Isabelle Tremblay tells us about Facebook
  • Julie Chandonnet talks to us about Skype
  • Carl Parent talks about iPad tablets
  • Marie-Élaine Boisclair talks to us about robotics

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