Together for a living Francophonie!

It is with some thirty activities in seven countries of the Americas that the Center de la francophonie des Amériques unveils its program for the Month of La Francophonie under the theme "Together for a living Francophonie!" "

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QUEBEC, March 1, 2018 - For the Center de la francophonie des Amériques, the month of March is a privileged opportunity to promote even more what the Francophone communities are doing to promote the Francophonie. It is with some thirty activities already planned in seven countries of the Americas that the Center is launching today its programming for the Month of La Francophonie, carried out with the support of its partners under the theme "Together for a living Francophonie!" ".

The Center thus joins all the organizations linked to the Francophonie which will celebrate and promote Francophone culture and identity in the coming days, particularly on International Francophonie Day on March 20. For Denis Desgagné, President and CEO of the Center, “the Mois de la Francophonie is an opportunity to celebrate this beautiful, vibrant and inspiring Francophonie. It is also an invitation to join the 33 million French speakers on the continent ”.

The Centre's programming activities will be held not only in Quebec, but also in Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Los Angeles, New York and Boston, as well as in Ontario and Newfoundland. Various activities are scheduled including, for example, improvisation workshops offered to high school and university students in New York and Los Angeles, the presentation of the film Québékoisie in San Salvador, the performance of the group LGS by Ontario in the Boston area, a musical lunch of the Francophonie in La Paz in Bolivia, and many others.

Mr. Desgagné emphasizes that “the Francophonie will be highlighted by people in the communities in various ways ranging from musical performances, poetry or improvisation performances, literary meetings with authors, film screenings, conferences, of meetings in the form of panels and even through interactive doors allowing exchanges between communities from North to South ”.

French Film in America

On March 18, as part of Vocalités vivantes, the Center presents the film French in America, episodes 1 and 2. Vincent Leclerc, Quebec actor, will be present to discuss with the audience. Produced by Slalom, the film follows in the footsteps of these men and women who push back the boundaries of the French language and who, through their actions, make the difference. The film will also be available from March 20 to 25 on the website of the Center.

Living vocals

The Center, within the framework of Constellation francophone, supported Productions Rhizome to carry out the project Living vocals, presented in collaboration with the Musée de la civilization in Quebec from March 16 to 18. “Contributing to the influence of the Francophonie is a priority for the Musée de la civilization and it is always extremely stimulating to do so by joining forces with such dynamic partners” declared Stéphan La Roche, Director General of the Musée de la civilization.

Vocalités vivantes is a pan-Canadian cinematographic and poetic journey, a series of meetings with members of six Francophone communities. “It's an earthly odyssey through the Canadian Francophonie. Poems as vectors of encounters, as threads of discussions with each other's words which may be the same, but with different sounds and arrangement, ”said Simon Dumas, artistic general manager of Productions Rhizome. The show will be broadcast live on the Centre's Facebook page.

Contest Slame your accents

The Center, in collaboration with Richelieu International, invites teachers from the Americas and their students aged 12 to 17 to participate in the contest Slame your accents. This competition, which promotes learning French and emphasizes the diversity of accents, takes place from March 1 to 31.

Literary meetings of the Library of the Americas

The literary meetings are an opportunity for French-speaking writers to discuss their literary works. During the Mois de la Francophonie, four authors will discuss with students from Quebec, Newfoundland, Mexico and the United States.

A program that rolls out across the Americas

The programming of the Month of La Francophonie covers the territory of the Americas, proof of the vitality of a mobilized community that celebrates the richness of the French language in the context of cultural diversity. This is proof of a contribution to greater mutual knowledge of Francophone communities across the continent.
The Library of the Americas also offers reading suggestions as part of this celebration of the Francophonie

The entire Francophone and Francophile community of the Americas is invited to participate in these activities and to discuss the dynamism of their Francophonie on social networks. Facebook and Twitter of the Center.

The details of the program are available on the website of the Center de la francophonie des Amériques.

About the Center de la francophonie des Amériques

The mission of the Center de la francophonie des Amériques is to promote and connect the 33 million French speakers in the Americas as well as all Francophiles. An essential resource for the promotion of French in the context of the cultural diversity of the Americas.

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