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The new Clubhouse platform is becoming a new place of networking for players in the education sector. Summary of a first evening of discussions.

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The new Clubhouse platform is the talk of the world. It is becoming a new place of networking for those involved in the education sector. A first Éducation Québec evening was successfully held on March 16. And it will be postponed!

The first meeting of the Éducation Québec club was organized at the initiative of Pierre Gagnon and Sylvain Duclos. The discussion gave rise to several interesting and sometimes surprising exchanges.

The meeting was displayed as a moment of discussion under the theme “State of the situation”, with the starting question “If we list the different parts / categories / dimensions of the education system in Quebec, which one or which are the most? affected, more sensitive? Which are in need of love the most? ".

From the start of the discussion, Alain Ducharme mentioned the transformation of practices which has taken place over the past year and which will have a definite impact in the longer term. Then, Myra Auvergnat-Ringuette addressed the issues surrounding the retention of school personnel and initial training, which does not seem to adequately prepare future teachers for the reality on the ground.

“Perhaps we should consider an approach that would resemble that of the university hospital environment, with the formula of doctor in residence then where future doctors are mentored?”.

The importance of strong, positive and unifying leadership within a school was also raised by Maxime Pelchat as a success factor to get through crises and give momentum to communities. “Although it is embodied by the management, it can be shared in the school team. Evolving in times of crisis is a team affair ”. In addition, networking is a source of solutions.

“Schools would benefit from being inspired by what is being done well in other schools to then recontextualize according to their reality. Collaboration can go beyond the walls of a school ”.

A summary of the evening drawn by @MyraAuvergnat

The well-being of young people

One of the comments heard about Clubhouse since its inception is that the platform allows access to people we thought were unreachable. This is a bit like what happened during the evening, when one of the participants invited the Doctor Prévost Jantchou from Sainte-Justine Hospital to join the discussion.

While the panelists discussed the mental health of young people and wondered if we were really listening to them, the Doctor, who has been carrying out a longitudinal study among young people aged 14 to 22 since the start of the pandemic, came to testify to his first observations. . For a year, the morale of young people has plummeted. Regarding those who "are doing well" despite everything, he expressed fears that they will fall into excess once the lockdown is over.

His remarks were nevertheless nuanced and, without being alarmist, he was categorical: the hospital environment will need the benevolence of the school environment to support young people and direct them to the right support services. He finally brought some possible solutions, which allowed the participants to conclude that "we MUST put the psychological well-being of the pupils in the foreground before embarking on a crusade for remedial schooling".

A new keyword was born: #Educlubhouse. A next evening is already planned. Keep an eye on the Twitter accounts of the two organizers of the first night to be informed. 

Explore Clubhouse

Clubhouse, available only on Apple mobile devices at the moment, is a new audio-only social network where users can create chat rooms around different topics. You must receive an invitation from a Clubhouse user to access this network. If you have not yet received an invitation, you can come to one of the people mentioned in this text.

Clubhouse and its vocabulary in French, made by @mxpelchat

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