EdTechTeacher Summit 2014: Exploring Technological Innovations and Reshaping Teaching and Learning

Some Quebecers had the chance to attend the 1st EdTechTeacher Summit, which was held from July 28 to 30 in Chicago. A look back at the event and its key conferences.

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A few Quebecers had the chance to attend the 1er EdTechTeacher Summit, which was held from July 28 to 30 in Chicago. A look back at the event and its key conferences.

This meeting was organized by the same team that sets up the iPad Chicago Summit. This summit wanted to focus less on one technology in particular, but on innovation and the school of tomorrow. For this event, participants were able to attend two very good quality opening conferences with Will richardson and Jennie Magiera. Here is a summary of these two conferences.

Will Richardson kicked off this summit. Teacher with 22 years of experience, he is also co-founder of Educating Modern Learners, blogger and author of 4 books, the last of which Why School ?: How Education Must Change When Learning and Information Are Everywhere. According to him, education today is not at all in tune with the times of information abundance in which we live. He even goes so far as to say that 90 % of current curriculum content is unnecessary and is taught in case the child ever needs it. Many challenges ahead.

Jennie Magiera is a Digital Learning Coordinator in the Chicago area and has long been an elementary school teacher. She is also an Apple and Google certified teacher and co-founder of Playdate. To top it off, she was awarded the title of White House Champion of Change from the hands of the President of the United States. For her part, she discussed the use of technology to transform the lives of students and their communities. In her lecture, she put a lot of emphasis on an error she sees too often: “Many teachers just stick the iPad with duct tape on their teaching. Technology is added in the classroom, but essentially nothing changes. The student now takes his notes in a tablet rather than in a notebook. "According to her, the classroom of the future should rather be focused on engagement and" empowerment " of students with technology. You can also read another Infobourg article on the subject in click here.

To find out more, you can read what was shared on social networks about the event by consulting this abstract or by following the keyword #ettsummit on Twitter.

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