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The contemporary world

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  Women in power around the world

In the last few years, women have gained access to positions that, until then, were mainly reserved for men. Let's remember that Canada was led for a few months in 1993 by Mrs. Kim Campbell. Then, in 2012, Quebec elected Pauline Marois as its first female Prime Minister. Who are the women in power in the world?

  The traces of the "May 1968" movement

The May '68 movement is leaving its mark, more than 50 years after its conclusion. But what exactly was this movement? What was its goal? What are its greatest achievements? Was it an isolated movement? This guide offers ideas for addressing the topic with your students.

  An eventful fall 2019 around the world

What do Hong Kong, Chile, Algeria, Iraq, Bolivia, Lebanon and Guinea have in common? They are all countries that were shaken by protest movements in the fall of 2019. Demands with diametrically varied and opposite causes, but which had similar objectives.

  September 21: National Tree Day

September 21 is National Tree Day. This day allows us to appreciate the remarkable benefits provided by trees.

  The war against the Islamic State

Activities to learn more about the Islamic State terrorist group and the protest and disassociation movements it is sparking in the Muslim community.

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