We change the time!

In many parts of the world, the time is changed twice a year. So the time difference between different countries depends not only on the time zones, but also on whether they change time or not. With the help of the following activities, we will try to learn more about this topic.

  Maple farming: from sap to maple syrup!

In the spring, in North America, the sugar maples are flowing and maple syrup producers collect their sap to transform it in many ways. Let's discover the different facets of maple syrup through different activity ideas and a host of useful resources.

  On the Pont des Arts in Paris: no more "love padlocks

The Pont des Arts in Paris was famous for its tons of love locks until 2014. However, part of the fence collapsed under their weight. Let's take a closer look at where this tendency for lovers to hang a padlock on public infrastructure to symbolize their love comes from, as well as the importance of finding more... environmentally friendly alternatives!

  The Super Bowl: an event that goes beyond its sport!

The Super Bowl is the meeting place for more than 110 million Americans who wouldn't miss it for the world. Comparing teams and quarterbacks, surveying interest in this great sports event, producing an infographic or a trailer to present your analysis of the results... there is no shortage of ideas for making connections with learning!

  A Northern Community on the Front Lines of Global Warming

Tuktoyaktuk is an Inuvialuit hamlet located in the very north of the Northwest Territories. This village of less than 1000 inhabitants is threatened to disappear at any moment. There, in the Great North, global warming is far from being an abstract concept and it is an entire community that risks being engulfed by the next big wave. Let's take a closer look.

  Ideas for activities to discover Christmas

Here are some ideas for classroom activities on the theme of Christmas. We create a quiz, discover traditions around the world, write to Santa to ask him for a book, share traditional recipes and enter into the elves' madness!

  FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Let's take a closer look at why it has attracted so much interest, both from fans of the sport and from human rights organizations.

  When the earth shakes

Regularly in the news, we hear about strong tremors that cause panic, and sometimes destruction, in different parts of the world. Recently, this was the case in Mexico. Here are some activities that focus on the dynamics of earthquakes.

Hurricane season: deep in the storm

Every year, many hurricanes (or cyclones) form on our planet, particularly between June 1 and November 30. Some of them hit the coast hard and sometimes leave thousands of victims behind. Here are some ideas for activities to do in class to better understand this meteorological phenomenon and its consequences.

  Autumn: festival of colors and enhancement of the territory

The fall colors are certainly one of the most beautiful natural spectacles offered by Quebec. Here are some ideas for activities to help students discover how this beautiful season is beneficial for the development of the territory.

  Understanding the lumber shortage

Several causes have contributed to the current shortage of lumber. While demand has increased sharply during periods of containment, sawmills are having difficulty getting their heads out of the water! In addition, for several years, the price of lumber had been so low that they were already struggling to make a profit. So it's a huge turnaround. Let's take a closer look!

  The transformation of winter over time

The white season in Canada is getting shorter and shorter and the snow is getting less and less. The impact of global warming is real and has visible consequences on the environment, the economy and even on society in general. Here are some activities to talk about it with students while developing their digital skills!

Montreal Canadiens: 110 years of history in 2019

In 2019, the Montreal Canadiens blew out 110 candles on their blue, white and red birthday cake. So it was in 1909 that it all began for the most prestigious, the most successful and the oldest team in the National Hockey League. Insights into a history filled with significant events.

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