Digital intelligence webinars that prove that digital is not new

As part of its activities, the Network School offers a series of four webinars on digital intelligence. To access it this fall, you must register quickly. An opportunity to see the digital world differently.

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During the 2021 transfer session of the École en Réseau (ÉER), Michel Perreault, technopedagogical collaborator at the ÉER, provided feedback on four digital intelligence webinars followed by thousands of students last year. These webinars are being offered again this fall as part of the ERA activities.

The series of four 45-minute webinars was created to educate young people about digital technology and show them that it does not necessarily date from yesterday, or even the day before yesterday. It is intended for students of 2e and 3e elementary cycle, but it will also be offered to students of 1er secondary cycle through the activities of the ERA from next winter.

Here is an overview of the four themes. 

A revolutionary loom

At the beginning of the 19th century, a Lyonnais, Joseph-Marie Jacquard, invented an automated loom. In this webinar on digital pioneers, children in particular come into contact with one of the first inventions which contained punched cards.

They note that this type of card, made of wood or tin, was formerly used to guide hooks which thus lifted chain threads. The positioning of the holes on the card made it possible to determine the design that we wanted to give on the fabric to be made, hence the famous Jacquard patterns.

Two numbers that change our lives

0 and 1. In themselves, they are very simple, almost banal. However, in the second webinar, the pupils learn that they constitute the bases of the numerical code. Among other things, they become familiar with the notion of byte.

Through various exercises, such as the school bus route (which route to take to serve everyone), they are made aware of transport and data storage. An activity that allows them to better understand how data can be used, in short, smarter.

And tomorrow?

In the last two webinars, designer Michel Perreault brings students and teachers to better understand digital, this miniature universe to be demystified, and to become masters of information.

Through the various components of a smart phone or the operation of algorithms, children will be more sensitive to today's digital reality. 

More than 9,000 students have already followed the webinars designed by Mr. Perreault, in collaboration with Scientifines, a team of librarians from CSSDM, university professors and technopedagogy workers. This project is supported by the youth awareness program.   

The next webinar sharing session begins on October 5th. Until then, hurry to register your class: registrations end on 1er October on the EER website.

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