The Rendez-vous Francophone des Écoles en Réseau is an annual event where the sharing of practices and activities carried out in class is in the spotlight. It is under the theme of the school in play that the 2019 edition of the REFER allowed participants to be inspired to develop their practice.

During the Friday afternoon workshops, we had the chance to try out a new board game: Multiple duets. This fun game allowed us to work on cooperation, knowledge of ourselves and others, while validating our talent, potential or interest in certain areas.

Vicky Mercier, trained in psychology and workshop designer Towards the peaceful and To educate is to grow !, created Multiple duets in order to take advantage of the benefits of the emotions felt when we play.

A cooperation game

Inspired by multiple intelligences, the objective of Multiple duets is to value, recognize the uniqueness of each, move forward together thanks to our strengths and share our differences in the pursuit of a common goal. Through the game, we de-dramatize errors and trigger interactions between players.

Benefits for the class group

Having experienced her game in class, Ms. Mercier presents several observations from the teachers with whom she collaborated. Multiple duos allows in particular to:

Directions for use with students

Whether it is to promote the first contact between students at the start of the school year, to boost relationships between students or simply to have fun, it is possible to use Multiple duets different ways. Although it is by experiencing it that you will realize the potential of the game in your context, here are some suggestions for using it in a school context by giving students an intention before starting a game:

It is interesting to mention that by choosing the play partners, you can encourage the creation of different bonds between your students. For example, if there is tension between some students, maybe part of the Multiple duets could lighten the mood or make them see each other in a new light.

Personally, I have noticed how much fun the young people can have while playing because the pupils took part in this workshop. We could hear them laughing, telling each other anecdotes and when the workshop was over, they would have continued playing if they didn't have to animate the rest of the day!

For more information on Multiple duets, visit this website.

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