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The Classcraft team wishes to contribute to the complete development of the student, through a playful approach. Empathy, collaboration and self-awareness are at the heart of their thinking!

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As part of the dissemination of a series of portraits of companies members of the Edteq Association (Enterprises for the development of educational technologies in Quebec), it is our pleasure today to present Classcraft, one of the founding companies of the Edteq Association!

The Classcraft team wishes to contribute to the complete development of the student, through a playful approach. Empathy, collaboration and self-awareness are at the heart of their thinking!

Academic motivation is a major issue for which we are slow to find solutions. Indeed, according to a survey of one million students by the firm Gallop in 2015, it is in free fall from the 5e year. It goes without saying that this situation has negative effects on socio-emotional learning, academic results, class attendance and the number of disciplinary sanctions imposed.

Classcraft was designed to rekindle student motivation, emphasize the positive, and promote student cooperation and enjoyment. One of the co-founders, Shawn Young, drew on his teaching experience, gaming knowledge and web development expertise to create a program that bridges the real and digital to transform school experience.

In the Classcraft online platform, each student is represented by an avatar, earns experience points and learns new powers as they level up. Within his team, he plays an essential role that complements that of his teammates. These characteristics of Classcraft, taken from role-playing games, make the student's progress very tangible and promote intrinsic motivation, as they meet the needs for competence, autonomy and interpersonal relationships.

Talking to students in the language of the game

Gamification, that is to say the use of mechanics specific to games in completely different situations, allows students to speak in a language that they understand well: play. The teacher can integrate socioemotional learning in the classroom, that is, the development of social skills such as empathy, collaboration, leadership and self-expression. These values are at the heart of Classcraft.

Through Classcraft, students receive explicit and immediate feedback about their good and bad behavior. This data is recorded in the game, which allows teachers to monitor more rigorously, in class as well as during meetings with parents. In addition, students become aware of their strengths and weaknesses and can set concrete goals for themselves.

The Quests, a new feature, have for teachers and students an undeniable value because they allow to playful the school course and to add a narrative framework: the lessons are represented there in the form of an interactive map where each point of interest corresponds to an exercise, an assignment, a document to be consulted, etc. Following the principles of educational differentiation, students can progress at their own pace and even access additional resources according to their needs.

Fight bullying with Classcraft

In short, gaming the classroom with Classcraft fosters a positive atmosphere where students feel safe and respected. The project " Good game! ”, Of which the team is particularly proud, relied on this aspect of Classcraft to counter bullying at school. In collaboration with Classcraft and the CLIPP, teachers from six schools in Quebec looked at the signs of bullying and the positive behaviors that could put an end to this culture. They then created a template of behaviors to integrate into Classcraft for the year 2016-2017. At the end of the pilot project, the collaborating teachers made recommendations that led to the creation of the guide. Good game! Fight bullying with Classcraft.

Shawn Young recounts: “As I was a victim of bullying in high school myself, I believe it is essential to participate in the implementation of best practices to make school a place where there is a healthy and inclusive environment and where all students can flourish. In the modern education system, it is essential not only to transmit the subject, but also to promote the full development of the child. "

And he concludes: “our wish with Classcraft is to contribute to this vision of education. We are always grateful when teachers share with us the significant changes they have seen in their classroom through our platform. Thank you for your support! "

Classcraft: international reach

Located in Sherbrooke, the small family business quickly became a flourishing business! Today it employs around thirty people. Each of them believes in the power of play and wants to transform education on a global scale. And they are convinced that they can do it! The proof: Classcraft now has 3.5 million subscribers in 75 countries. Also, more than 100 media have so far talked about the company and its efforts to gamify education.

To find out more and follow Classcraft:

Twitter: @classcraftgame, @_shawnyoung_
Facebook : Classcraftgame
Youtube channel : Classcraftgame
Website :

Subscribe also to CréaCamp of April 13, 2018 : Shawn Young will be there to help those who want to configure their classroom environment with Classcraft!

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