(Discover #Edteq) Chenelière Éducation, a publisher looking to the future

Chenelière Éducation is a publisher that is resolutely contemporary and turned towards the future. It develops digital content and technological platforms for the school and the classroom of today and tomorrow. This article will allow you to discover his approach.

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As part of the dissemination of a series of portraits of companies that are members of the Edteq Association (Enterprises for the development of educational technologies in Quebec), it is our pleasure today to present Chenelière Éducation to you!

Chenelière Éducation was founded in 1985. Since then, the company has played a leading role across Canada in the world of school publishing and in that of education, which has undergone reforms, major pedagogical trends, technological developments and, above all, many challenges that teachers face on a daily basis.

Today, Chenelière Éducation is the largest publisher of French-language educational resources, both digital and printed, in North America. Always attentive to the teaching staff and on the lookout for the most recent developments and trends, its editorial teams create and develop educational resources in line with the needs of each of its clienteles across Canada, from preschool to university. .

Chenelière Éducation has therefore developed various platforms under the brand i + Interactive and lots of digital content. This content is always the result of collaboration with players in the education sector: teachers, consultants and experts are at the heart of the development of all the resources that are published and offered on its digital platforms.


Specialized teams and recognized expertise

The rapid evolution of technologies and, consequently, of the needs of teachers and students, has motivated the creation of dedicated digital teams. Designers, programmers and integrators therefore joined the Chenelière Éducation editorial teams to create user-friendly environments adapted to each clientele. Listening to today's young people and teachers who are evolving with new technologies, Chenelière Education is inspired by them, their way of communicating, finding information and learning to design its products.

Chenelière Education teams create various types of digital material in order to arouse the interest of students and facilitate the work of teachers. This content, compatible with PC, Mac and tablet, is intended to support today's educational needs, in addition to offering teachers new tools that their students master in their daily lives.

From videos to animations, maps and interactive activities, the digital content offered by Chenelière Education is designed to offer a variety of tools to teachers and to maximize student understanding. Here are a few examples:


  1. With videos How does Nougat make, mathematics teachers from 1er elementary cycle use a fun way to promote manipulation activities.

  1. Through this video, teachers can increase students' interest in learning English.

  1. This video, intended for students of the 5e secondary school and focusing on the new financial education program, allows students to take an informed look at responsible consumption.

Interactive activities

An essential complement to the concepts seen in class, interactive activities allow teachers to immediately obtain the results of the exercises carried out by their students, in class or at home.

Interactive maps

By navigating through the maps, teachers can reveal additional information with a single click and access sections or videos, and thus make their teaching more alive.


Meet the new needs of teachers to arouse student interest

In order to allow teachers to vary their teaching practices, and thus always meet the different needs of all students, Chenelière Éducation designs many new digital products. These are constantly evolving in order to meet new expectations, and are deployed on a large scale after experimentation and validation in the classroom.

Proud of its many accomplishments, Chenelière Education is nonetheless dynamic and attentive to the market by constantly interacting with stakeholders in the world of education. Thus, the company remains on the lookout for new technological and educational trends in order to offer quality content in perfect harmony with the needs of teachers and students.

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The Edteq Association (Enterprises for the development of educational technologies in Quebec) brings together some fifty local businesses, small, medium and large, which have at heart school success and perseverance through the use of digital technology. Edteq members jointly pursue these objectives: to promote access to tools and digital content adapted to the Quebec educational program, to be a lever for the adoption of technologies in educational practices, to improve the learning experience and the success of students and allow our “edtech” industry to shine around the world. To know more :

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