Video criticism to stimulate a taste for reading

Here is an idea combining reading and multimedia creation that will stimulate the interest of several students for books: video criticism.

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Here is an idea combining reading and multimedia creation that will stimulate the interest of several students for books: video criticism.

It's no secret that reading is at the heart of learning. It is therefore essential for teachers to encourage their students to develop their interest and their reading skills. When the passion is there, the task becomes much easier! Technology offers interesting possibilities in this direction.

Video book trailer

The article Using Technology to Inspire Independent Readers, published on Edutopia on November 16, 2016, presents an alternative to traditional methods of presenting books in class. Jessee Buetow, a teacher in the United States, explains how creating videos has changed her students' attitudes to reading. Instead of presenting a book to his class himself and inviting the group to discuss it, he asks everyone to create a video review as a commercial ad featuring the book they just read. Then, each video review is viewed in class. The group then discusses strengths and areas for improvement.

This practice allows everyone to express themselves freely about their reading and encourage others to read the book in question. This approach has several advantages from an academic point of view. For example, creating a video about a book requires learners to think deeply about the story, characters, plot, and settings of the work. In addition, each video review is very personal and tinged with the style of its creator. Students make efforts to make their video interesting in order to encourage their classmates to discover the book they are presenting.

A little augmented reality to go further

The interaction can even be taken a step further by tapping into the augmented reality app Aurasma. Indeed, after having scanned cover of a book with their tablet, students will be able to see if a video for that book already exists. If so, they will be able to access said video by clicking on the photo of the creator of the review.

Here is an interesting project to stimulate interest in reading in a class… or even an entire school!

To read the full article, it's this way.

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