REFER 2017: A quilt of creativity!

Creativity was in the spotlight in the 4th edition of REFER, A look back at the conference by Catherine Lapointe, entitled A Quilt of Creativity!

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Creativity was in the spotlight in the 4th edition of REFER, A look back at the conference by Catherine Lapointe, entitled A Quilt of Creativity!

Creativity was in the spotlight at the 4th edition of the Rendez-vous des écoles francophones en network (REFER), which was held on March 16 and 17, 2017. Young and old alike got together to present their creative projects as well as to discuss the importance and place of creativity in the classroom.

One teacher who offered us the chance to listen to her is Ms. Catherine Lapointe, a “creative delinquent” who aims to develop the autonomy of her students by proposing meaningful tasks that require creativity, problem solving and autonomy. She also focuses her educational approach on digital sharing using Twitter and collaborative projects.

It invites all educators to question themselves, validate their professional identity and get out of their comfort zone to transform themselves, their environment and their pedagogical approaches. Catherine suggests a hybridization of approaches concerning collective creativity: to be rigorous while leaving choice and space to bring about the development of 21st century skills.

Twitter's “co-creative” potential

To concretely illustrate what she implements in her practice, Catherine Lapointe presented 10 creative collaborative projects that it is possible to achieve thanks to Twitter. This social network makes it possible to microblog, exchange, discuss, collaborate, share with a dynamic international French-speaking community. It is therefore possible to live there interesting experiences with his students.

  1. Anime Story by Karine Riley and Julie Chandonnet
  2. Cooking with class by Karine Godin-Tremblay
  3. Photo Poetry Project by Catherine Lapointe
  4. Math for real by Julie Chamberland and Geneviève Hamelin
  5. Listen Read the World by François Bourdon
  6. Multi challenge by Julie Chandonnet and Catherine Lapointe
  7. Happiness to read by Marie-Ève René and Mélanie Houle
  8. Pixel tag by Julie Chandonnet and Catherine Lapointe
  9. Tag his by Sylvianne Parent and Nathalie Laroche
  10. Chic word by Josée Portelance
  11. EduProf by Brigitte Léonard, Julie Chandonnet and Catherine Lapointe

To keep up to date with the latest news regarding projects organized on Twitter, you can join the TwittÉdu Facebook group.

From inspiration to implementation

What about implementing the creative ideas that inhabit you? Ms. Lapointe will answer you:

Dare to trust yourself, dare to trust your students, dare to involve stakeholders from all backgrounds and specialties in order to promote these key elements essential to the overall development of your young people.

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