General conditions of sale and frequently asked questions

Terms of Sales

last updated: October 1, 2021

The École branchée is a non-profit organization independent of the school network. We strive to keep the costs of our products and services as accessible as possible while wishing to perpetuate them in order to continue to accomplish our mission of supporting actors in the school environment. Here are our conditions of sale and refund policies.

Payment required at all times: All product orders are shipped / activated following full payment.

Accuracy of contact details: We put processes in place to automate ordering and shipping as much as possible. However, if an error occurs due to the fact of having incorrectly indicated your email or postal address when ordering, you will be responsible for the damage caused (eg: inability to connect to online training). In case of doubt, do not hesitate to write to us ( so that we can validate (and correct if necessary) the information!

Selling price : The prices of our products, services and subscriptions are subject to change without notice.

Replacement of an issue of the magazine: You did not receive your printed magazine, but you have successfully subscribed? We accept 1 copy replacement per year of subscription. Always check whether the address you have provided is correct: we recommend that you include the name of a contact person rather than just the name of the school, for example.

Refund policy:

  • Upgrade a subscription: Upgrading a subscription (all products and services) does not allow reimbursement of the difference (eg: changing from a teacher subscription to a school subscription).
  • Magazine Subscription : In the event of a cancellation request, a charge corresponding to the unit cost plus shipping and taxes for each number received will be deducted from your balance. The remainder, if any, will be refunded to you.
  • Magazine issues acquired individually: No number sold individually can be refunded.
  • CréaCamp : Places for a CréaCamp training, face-to-face or virtual, all formats (excluding “tailor-made”), can be reimbursed up to 5 working days before it is held. For example, for a CréaCamp that takes place on Friday, any refund request must be made by email to before 11:59 p.m. the previous Friday (Quebec time).
  • SCOOP educational guides! : The course guide subscription can be canceled and refunded in proportion to the number of months remaining, up to 6 months before the expiration date, less a fee of 25 % of the initial cost.
  • CréaCamp made to measure:
    • In the event of cancellation by the customer: At least 7 days in advance, 50 % charges are chargeable. After this period, the training will be billed at 100 % since our team will have blocked its availability for you.
    • Need to change the theme or date (subject to availability)? : At least 7 days in advance: a modification fee of 25 % applies. After this time: a modification fee of 50 % applies.
    • You will not be charged any fees if the cancellation is due to our inability to meet your training needs.

Orders outside Canada :

  • Payment : by PayPal or credit card via Stripe, no check. Note that the currency conversion is done automatically. If this is absolutely impossible, contact us ( to prepare a direct bank transfer (institutions only). An additional processing charge of 30 $CAD will then apply;
  • Failure to deliver : The École branchée will ensure 1 single sending of the printed copies (if applicable). Our shipping labels are generated from the address provided by our customers. In the event of an error on your part, we cannot assume the consequences. However, you can place a new order.
  • Delivery rates : International shipping rate is based on Canada Post rates. The times can be shorter or longer, depending on the destination.

You have a question? Write to us without hesitation at

Beginning of magazine subscription

  • A magazine subscription includes 3 regular issues: these issues appear in the fall, winter and spring.
  • The digital subscription also includes the current issue and some recent issues.
  • Magazine print subscriptions begin at next publication depending on the order date (the "Personal" subscription however also includes the current number in digital format).
    • Order dated April 1 to August 31 inclusive : the subscription starts with the fall issue.
    • Order dated September 1 to November 30 inclusive : the subscription starts with the winter number.
    • Order dated December 1 to March 31 inclusive : the subscription starts with the spring issue.
    • You can always also get the previous issues via our Online Store, as long as they are available.
    • It is the responsibility of the subscriber to the digital version to download his copy within the allotted time.
  • The same conditions apply to subscriptions linked to educational guides.


  1. When will I receive my first issue?
  2. When will I receive the login link for my online training?
  3. I would like to get an invoice for (...)
  4. Can I send you an order form?
  5. Why do you require full payment before an order is processed?
  6. Why is my payment via PayPal not working?
  7. Can bookstores / subscription agencies get a special rate?

Question 1: When will I receive my first issue of the magazine?

There are 3 publications in the year: autumn (September), winter (December) and spring (April). The date of your order will determine the start number of your subscription: the digital format subscription begins with the current number, while the printed format subscription will begin on the next publication (see the General Conditions above). On the other hand, shipping is only after full payment, as soon as the first issue concerned becomes available. You can also get old numbers through our Online Store.

Question 2 : When will I receive the login link for my online training?

The link is sent by email the day before a CréaCamp SPRINT or the same day of a CréaCamp Discovery to all registered participants whose email address we have. If you've signed up someone else, be sure to pass the info on to them! You will also find an access button on the training page in question on our site.

Question 3: I would like to get an invoice for (…)

No problem! You must first go through our online store. Add the desired subscription and / or number (s) to your “basket”, then choose the payment method “By check” (in Canada only). You will then automatically obtain an invoice to settle, numbered, addressed and everything you need, with a copy by email! The subscription or the sending of the order will be made upon receipt of payment only.

Question 4: Can I send you an order form?

We unfortunately do not accept purchase orders due to our limited human resources. However, if your establishment requires it, issue your order form, then use our Online Store to make your order. When entering your billing details, you will see an “Order Notes” box in which you can enter the purchase order number. In this way, you will produce your invoice yourself (you will receive a copy by email, including the associated purchase order number), which you can forward according to the usual procedure for payment.

Question 5: Why do you require full payment before an order is processed?

The École branchée team having very limited human resources, we must make their task as easy as possible. We thank you for your understanding!

Question 6: Why is my PayPal payment not working?

This is a question we also ask ourselves every day! No, seriously, sometimes PayPal's security mechanisms require that your billing address match the details of the PayPal account you are using. In short, we unfortunately cannot intervene for you in this case. We therefore recommend that you use the credit card payment option.

Question 7: Can bookstores / subscription agencies get a special rate? 

Unfortunately no.

- Please use our Online Store. (Payment by credit card, PayPal or check).
- Orders must be paid in full before shipping.
- No additional discounts are granted to bookstores. The regular discount of 15 % for 5 or more copies of the magazine sent to the same address, however, applies at all times.