Clip your street: Stand out in 45 seconds

Quebec - The City of Quebec invites young people aged 10 to 13 to make a short video to publicize the origin and meaning of a street name, place or neighborhood in Quebec within the framework of of the Clip ta rue project.

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Quebec - The City of Quebec invites young people aged 10 to 13 to make a short video to publicize the origin and meaning of a street name, place or neighborhood in Quebec within the framework of of the Clip ta rue project.

Clip ta rue invites young people to choose a toponym in the Directory of toponyms Quebec City, which has more than 5,000 toponymic records. They must then find information, construct a scenario and make a dynamic video of approximately 45 seconds which presents the origin and the meaning of the chosen name.

Once the video is finished, the adult accompanying the young person in the project can broadcast it on YouTube. All that remains is to submit it using the participation form. The videos selected by the jury will be broadcast on the Quebec City website.

The information found in the Directory of Toponyms of Quebec City is obviously quite static. Clip ta rue aims to publicize this wealth of information by transforming it into interactive content. The videos will showcase Quebec's heritage and toponymic wealth, from the perspective of young citizens, who, we hope, will develop a sense of belonging to their city.

The project allows young people to think about and develop good habits regarding the production of online content, especially on YouTube. Clip ta rue also makes them aware of the need for information. For example, it is important to show them how to distinguish fact from opinion by collecting information on official sites. In order to validate the information, we can suggest that they consult several sites.

The video can be made in a school setting or not. A Teaching Guide has been created in order to inform the teacher, the parent or the friend who would like to accompany a young person in his project.

The Guide explains how to supervise a young person who wants to produce a video. It also deals with the context of making a video. For example, what content should and should not be in the video. It also gives tips on how to upload a video to YouTube. There are even suggested activities for teachers participating in the project.

The first phase of participation takes place from April 16 to June 18, 2010. However, several periods for submitting applications are planned during the year. Videos posted on YouTube will be viewed by the jury and judged according to the originality of the content, the structure of the text, the quality and compliance with the information in accordance with the Directory. Winners will be notified by email as their consent will be required before the video is shown. At any time, young people can request the removal of their video.

Clip ta rue is an initiative of the Service de la culture carried out within the framework of the Cultural Development Agreement between the a href = http: // target = new> Ministère de la Culture, Communications and Status of Women and the City of Quebec.

By Marie-Christine Leblanc

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