Educational integration of programming, robotics and 3D drawing (Beginner)

You want to integrate programming, robotics or 3D drawing in your teaching? You have a 3D printer in your school and don't know what to do with it? You would like your students to be active and creative? This training will allow you to discover basic tools for these approaches, such as Scratch, Lego Spike, Tinkercad, etc. You don't have to be a teacher in a specific discipline to integrate them and unleash your students' creativity! You will leave feeling empowered to come up with new and inspiring projects.

Facilitate mathematical discussion activities

Are you interested in facilitating mathematical discussions in the classroom, but don't know where to start? Would you like to try the principle of the collabo-reflective classroom? This training will provide you with winning activities and facilitation techniques to use in the classroom to promote mathematical discussion with your students, as well as discover how to integrate digital technology into this type of activity. You will leave with a wealth of digital resources and a sense of empowerment to engage in this type of high-yield educational activity. Depending on the length of the training, we may have time to create and experiment with a few activities.

Create a science lab demo video in iMovie for iPad

You will learn how to use the features of iMovie, the included iPad application to make your labs clearer and more effective with pre-recorded demonstrations. You will learn how to edit video to remove the inevitable mistakes and hesitations during filming in order to keep the essence and get to the point. You will leave this workshop with everything you need to prepare your professional video to present to the class. Bring manipulatives and your iPad to test the application.

Evaluate and correct efficiently with Microsoft Forms

This training will allow you to learn about the most interesting features of Microsoft Forms to create an assessment with the guidance of the trainer. This new way of evaluating will charm you and your students! Bring examples of assessments you already have to convert them into Forms during the workshop. Bonus: your students will be able to get quick feedback on your assessment with this tool.

The Booktube: the new kind of literary criticism!

The Booktube, or BookTok, is a new way to combine reading and video for a new kind of literary criticism! In fact, it is about producing a video that meets certain criteria while developing a reading review of an article, a comic book, a novel, etc. During this training, you will learn the main characteristics of a Booktube/BookTok as well as the different platforms that can help you produce them with your students.

Create melodies and moods in GarageBand for iPad

The GarageBand application for iPad allows you to create melodies, sounds and musical montages of all kinds. This tool can be easily used in many subjects, for example to create the soundtrack of a story in French, to compose a melody related to a historical period or even to write one's name! This training allows you to discover its pedagogical potential in order to engage students in a very creative process!

Coeducation in the digital age: Accompanying young people towards an ethical use of screens

During this training, the participants will be in the exchange and the action in order to develop their relationship of coeducation in the digital era. They will be equipped to propose to parents the use of a parent-child contract. In this way, the actions implemented at school will be supported by those of the parents at home. The parent-child contract promotes the establishment of positive rules of life in the digital age and acts on the autonomy of young people towards healthy lifestyle habits.

Do you speak "digital"?

Over the last few decades, we have moved from ICT, information and communication technologies, to digital and its thousand and one possibilities. With its rules, codes and standards, "digital" is more complex to master. It represents a real language that everyone must now learn to master. Despite the passing years, inequalities and myths persist. Discover surprising statistics and see why it is necessary to take the next step.

Create with video

Video is a powerful storytelling medium, and technology has advanced to a point where we can use our phones to produce high-quality videos and edit them using an iPad or laptop. Take control of your silver screen by delving into the video features and learning about the tools we can use to help tell your story.

Creating stories with Coding

Visual-based coding is a great way to introduce our students to the world of programming. Storytelling using this tool is an effective way to introduce coding and learn problem-solving skills. Scratch is a visual programming language platform allowing us to compose our own story using visuals, motion, text, and audio. Learn how you can integrate coding with language, math, and art to engage and empower students.

Animations using Keynote

We may take a lot of time trying to find the right resource to use in our classroom to teach a concept, and still might not find exactly what we want. Fortunately, we have tools enabling us to create dynamic digital assets and use them in our slides and videos. Co-creating resources with our students during a lesson can help our students visualize abstract concepts and provide them with meaningful learning content that they can build on while teaching them how to create their own dynamic content. Keynote (iPad or Mac) can be used to create animated GIFs, animations and video content to engage and enhance communication and the learning experience.

Supporting all students with Apple's accessibility tools

Supporting all of our students in their learning is both challenging and rewarding. We can utilize technology to help our students communicate their ideas in a manner that is efficient, effective and authentic. Apple designs its products with accessibility in mind. Learn how we can leverage the built-in accessibility tools and native Apple apps to help our students learn and share their ideas.

Time management: tips and tricks

One of the biggest issues in teaching is time. Let's look at some tips on how to balance professional and personal tasks while having a sense of accomplishment without being out of breath at the end of the school year. Several management tips will be presented, as well as ways to organize with the help of digital tools. It's time to think about your time budget and strategies to save time and finally get a break!

Developing a love of reading with the help of digital technology

Digital technology can support literacy development in many ways in the classroom! This learning activity will explore how to leverage it to help students find books, share their impressions of their reading, build a community of readers, learn more about their book preferences, benefit from diversity in their reading choices, keep track of their reading, benefit from reading aids, improve their reading strategies, and... encourage reading in general. We will also discuss different ways to implement these activities in the classroom using digital tools such as digital books, online reading platforms, reading apps and social networks dedicated to reading.

Develop your creativity with Apple tools

Developing creativity is an essential 21st century skill. Whether it's finding original solutions to a problem or presenting results effectively, developing creativity helps to articulate one's thinking and opens up avenues of communication. In this workshop, learn how Apple's tools and applications enable teachers and students to develop and express their creativity. See how KeyNote, Numbers, Pages, Photos and Clips can be used to create stimulating and relevant curriculum-related activities and learning situations. *This workshop can be adapted for a specific subject or offered to all.

Using the iPad to teach science

The iPad tablet is a must-have tool for teaching and learning science in elementary and secondary schools. A host of free, native apps allow teachers and students to observe scientific phenomena, collect data, analyze it, and share it. In this workshop, participants will experience science activities that they can then better pilot or adapt for their students. Thanks to the portability of the tablet, students and teachers can be active learners, both in the real and figurative sense!

"When intelligence has fun: Developing a skill with creativity

Creativity takes on forms as varied as the diversity of students in a classroom. Einstein himself defined it as the intelligence that has fun! In this conference, let's have fun glimpsing its incredible avenues as a driver of skill development. Afterwards, it will be easy to see how "everything is in everything"!

Digital tools for high school math

Come and discover tools such as Desmos Classroom, Polypad, Geogebra, Wooclap, Phet, Cabri Express, tools from the NCTM Illuminations site, Tinkercad, Formative, Graspable Math, ThatQuiz, etc. This training will take a closer look at the most interesting features and the trainer's favorites to take high school math teaching and learning to another level!

Evaluating and keeping track of math with digital technology

What digital tools can be used to assess learning in math? Why keep track of learning in math? What are effective strategies for doing so? Are grids really necessary? What digital applications make it easy to keep track? What kinds of tasks can be assessed with digital technology? This training offers interesting ways to answer these questions while allowing to see concrete examples and to experiment with the different tools proposed.

Promote the uniqueness of each person with Pages

When you put an iPad in the hands of a student, an infinite world of possibilities opens up. Indeed, it can become an ally in helping them learn more about themselves as learners. In particular, the Pages application, included with the device, allows them to create a variety of documents that are both in their image and that faithfully demonstrate what they have learned. Creativity, multiple possibilities and uniqueness will be the main orientations of this inspiring training!

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