Professional training

Create a science lab demo video in iMovie for iPad

You will learn how to use the features of iMovie, the included iPad application to make your labs clearer and more effective with pre-recorded demonstrations. You will learn how to edit video to remove the inevitable mistakes and hesitations during filming in order to keep the essence and get to the point. You will leave this workshop with everything you need to prepare your professional video to present to the class. Bring manipulatives and your iPad to test the application.

Evaluate and correct efficiently with Microsoft Forms

This training will allow you to learn about the most interesting features of Microsoft Forms to create an assessment with the guidance of the trainer. This new way of evaluating will charm you and your students! Bring examples of assessments you already have to convert them into Forms during the workshop. Bonus: your students will be able to get quick feedback on your assessment with this tool.

Antidote, a miracle cure?

Antidote is a wonderful tool for revising written French, but you have to know how to use it properly to maximize its potential. Antidote is not only a proofreader, it is also a very complete dictionary, a thesaurus and a mine of information for lovers of the French language (etymology, co-occurrences, regionalisms, famous quotes, and more). Through a fun training session, discover the possibilities, but also the limits, of this software that is now a must for improving French.

Do you speak "digital"?

Over the last few decades, we have moved from ICT, information and communication technologies, to digital and its thousand and one possibilities. With its rules, codes and standards, "digital" is more complex to master. It represents a real language that everyone must now learn to master. Despite the passing years, inequalities and myths persist. Discover surprising statistics and see why it is necessary to take the next step.

Animations using Keynote

We may take a lot of time trying to find the right resource to use in our classroom to teach a concept, and still might not find exactly what we want. Fortunately, we have tools enabling us to create dynamic digital assets and use them in our slides and videos. Co-creating resources with our students during a lesson can help our students visualize abstract concepts and provide them with meaningful learning content that they can build on while teaching them how to create their own dynamic content. Keynote (iPad or Mac) can be used to create animated GIFs, animations and video content to engage and enhance communication and the learning experience.

Time management: tips and tricks

One of the biggest issues in teaching is time. Let's look at some tips on how to balance professional and personal tasks while having a sense of accomplishment without being out of breath at the end of the school year. Several management tips will be presented, as well as ways to organize with the help of digital tools. It's time to think about your time budget and strategies to save time and finally get a break!

"When intelligence has fun: Developing a skill with creativity

Creativity takes on forms as varied as the diversity of students in a classroom. Einstein himself defined it as the intelligence that has fun! In this conference, let's have fun glimpsing its incredible avenues as a driver of skill development. Afterwards, it will be easy to see how "everything is in everything"!

Promote the uniqueness of each person with Pages

When you put an iPad in the hands of a student, an infinite world of possibilities opens up. Indeed, it can become an ally in helping them learn more about themselves as learners. In particular, the Pages application, included with the device, allows them to create a variety of documents that are both in their image and that faithfully demonstrate what they have learned. Creativity, multiple possibilities and uniqueness will be the main orientations of this inspiring training!

Effective teaching

This training aims to provide an overview of the 10 strategies for effective teaching and to discuss ways in which digital tools can support them advantageously. A part of the course will also be dedicated to the collaborative construction of activities to be implemented in the classroom, at the participants' choice

Visual note-taking with the native tools of the iPad

Offer your students a different way to demonstrate their understanding of a concept and make their learning visible through visual note-taking strategies. The use of free and accessible digital tools available on the iPad allows you to go even further by encouraging the co-construction of solid links. Thus, sketch-note, concept diagrams and image collages are all creative and flexible techniques that will be discussed in this workshop. A strategy that will appeal to a large number of people!

Creation of correction grids for criterion-based evaluation

This hands-on workshop provides an opportunity to work on the development of evaluation rubrics. Participants will leave with not only a deeper understanding of criterion-referenced assessment, but also with a tool they can use in their next assessment activity.

Required reading?

As part of your duties, we are pleased to offer you a workshop on effective pedagogical practices around pre-reading, note-taking and annotations with digital technology, and support for your students. At the end of this workshop, teachers will be able to provide their students with tips and tricks on effective methods of working with required readings.

Professional judgment and backward planning

At the end of a step, the teacher aims to make a professional judgment about the students' level of proficiency. A very effective way to do this is through backward planning of learning tasks: Plan for types of assessment; Implementing feedback to support learning; Use effective teaching strategies; Formulate, communicate and use instructional intent.

Pedagogical intent at the heart of learning assessment

By clearly establishing what our students need to learn, communicating it to them, and putting assessment in the service of learning, we can put tools in place to foster learner engagement. This training will address backward planning, exit profiling, and the creation of digital grading rubrics, which is possible using Microsoft Teams in particular, but also with other tools.

Effective feedback to your students

The relationship between the teacher and his or her students is undoubtedly the most important thing. Based on this premise, this workshop will provide effective tools for useful, specific and caring feedback in the classroom.

Teams and Notepad: classroom management and resource organization

By the end of this workshop, you will have organized your Teams environment using effective management of your Classroom Notebook. Discover how to effectively organize yourself in this environment to manage groups, resources and collect evidence of learning both in class and remotely!

Educational video creation and publication workshop

Take the time to learn how to efficiently prepare video clips for your students with simple equipment and publish them on a YouTube channel (or other!). After this workshop, you'll know how to write the script (keep it short!), set up for filming (tips and tricks!) and adjust the broadcast settings (for the class or the rest of the world?). Come and create your (first?) video vignette for your students during this sprint! Choose your optimal broadcast model and learn some filming basics along the way!

Create an escape game with the native tools of the iPad

Engaging students in their learning is a real challenge in the digital age. The educational escape game is a fun way to introduce new concepts or review and can be created simply from the iPad's native apps. In this workshop, we'll look at how to leverage the Keynote app to create a game through which students walk through concepts of your choice, or make one for their peers. We will also look at various tips to make the creation of the game using the iPad tablet can be done in minutes!

Introduction to Microsoft Teams

This training is designed to introduce participants to Microsoft Teams. Whether you are a group transitioning from the Google environment to Office or you want an effective introduction to the work environment, this workshop is ideal for learning how to properly manage teams, files, and organization for distance learning (video conferencing, class notebook).

Get organized with Google Workspace

In the daily lives of education staff, digital is convenient in many ways, but it can also quickly become overwhelming! In this workshop, we will introduce various tools from the Google suite that will help you organize your digital life. Solutions for managing your emails, files, lists and reminders will be presented. We will also share tips and ideas that will help you balance your life... and even your right to disconnect!

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