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New to the edtech landscape, Classo is developing an online platform to help teachers easily find the best digital educational resources and make an informed choice of tools that suit their needs.

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As part of the dissemination of a series of portraits of companies that are members of the Edteq Association (Enterprises for the development of educational technologies in Quebec), it is our pleasure today to present Classo to you!

New to the edtech landscape, Classo is developing an online platform to help teachers easily find the best digital educational resources and make an informed choice of tools that suit their needs.

June already! Have you planned your vacation? If you are going on a trip, you probably haven't visited the websites of all the hotels in the city of your destination one by one. You may have used an online service like Expedia, Trivago, TripAdvisor or other to make your choice and make your reservations? These sites indeed offer a quick and easy way to find accommodation options that match your criteria.

Well, that's kind of what Classo wants to offer: a platform to help teachers and schools more easily find the best digital educational resources that meet their needs.


Inspired by teachers

Isabelle Grégoire (left) is challenged by Roxanne Desforges (Pure & Applied) (right) who always has good questions

A newcomer to the edtech landscape, Classso was founded in the fall of 2017 by Isabelle Grégoire. After working for nearly twenty years as a producer in the field of film, television and digital production, Isabelle wanted to develop a project in a field that is particularly close to her heart: education. The daughter of two teachers and the mother of two school-aged boys, she has always attached great importance to education.

“My mom and dad taught in the high school my sister and I attended. What were we discussing around the table at home? From school! I grew up witnessing the dedication that work as a teacher. My mother has, among other things, taught groups with special careers. The concern she had for her students, her desire to see them succeed, all the projects she put forward to keep them motivated, I saw it, ”she recalls.

“Now that my children are attending school, I am fascinated to see what they learn there and what they experience there. School is so important. It is the foundation of the company. When I meet teachers, I am impressed by their passion, their energy, their dynamism, their love for young people. They are the ones who inspired me with the idea of Classo. I find that we ask a lot of teachers. So I wanted to develop a tool for them. "

The idea for Classo took shape through Isabelle's participation in a business incubator, the Founder Institute of Montreal. After the success of the program in January 2018, she continued the development of the project by surrounding herself with expert advisers in educational technology, technical advisers and, of course, by continuing the work in the field with schools, professors and other stakeholders in the field of education.


A matter of context

While the implementation of the Québec government's recent Digital Action Plan, the implementation of technological equipment in schools, the appearance of innovative teaching strategies and the interest of young people in digital tools are creating a positive effervescence in education and open up new possibilities, several challenges remain.

“You get carried away quickly for technology, but in reality, what can be useful and effective for one class, may not be for another. It is very much a question of context. This is one of the aspects we reflect on and consider in the development of our solution. », Specifies Isabelle.


A busy summer for Classo

It will be a busy summer for Classo who is working on the development of a first version of its platform. The objective for this summer: to develop a database as well as a search functionality.

“We aim to have something interesting to offer for the start of the school year. », Says Isabelle.


In conclusion

Technology allows the development of new innovative teaching tools, adapted to the reality of our connected age. The series of portraits member companies of Edteq Association has also made it possible to discover several of them. It is precisely in the face of this growing number of digital tools and resources that Classo's mission is to create a platform to help teachers and schools navigate their way, but also to guide the decision-making process. informed decisions when it comes to choosing products.

“Ultimately, we want to promote better use of digital educational resources for the benefit of students' success. Creating an online platform is just the start. Meeting this challenge also involves research, training, innovation, etc. ”, concludes Isabelle.

Classo would like to thank all the teachers who, during the last eight months, have agreed to share their experiences and follow the development of Classo. Happy end of the school year to all!

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To find out more about Classo

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